Why should you use a sunbed?

Benefits of using sunbed

• The wide-range of technologies used inside the sunbeds work well with different types of skin phototypes

• When using a sunbed you can enjoy a golden-brown tan all year round

• By using a sun shower you are able to slowly build up your melanin base and, and gradually prolong your tanning sessions, while limiting the risk of over exposure

• Many people prefer the privacy of a sunbed, which allows you to tan nude, limiting the unsightly tan lines

• When tanning outdoors outside factors such as wind or air temperature can often rapidly enhance the tanning experience leading to sunburn or terribly slow it down. When tanning in a controlled environment, you eliminate both of these risks; leaving you with your desired tan

• The sun emits three types of tanning rays- UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC radiation is extremely harmful to humans, and most of it is absorbed by the atmosphere before it reaches the Erath. However small amounts of UVC sometimes do penetrate. Furthermore the excess of UVB rays are also harmful to the skin, and overexposure to UVB rays lead to burns and other complications. Sunbed tubes often have heavily reduced UVB rays making tanning safer and gentler on the skin.

• It is a myth that very pale people should not use a sunbed. Using a sunbed with photo type 1 skin type will result in a more controlled and safer tanning environment.


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