Advantages of using solarium

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, even tan. It is not always possible to get it naturally, then the best solution is to use the services of a solarium. There are many benefits of tanning in the solarium. Today we will try to bring them closer.

Advantages of tanning in the solarium

The undeniable advantage of using a solarium is to have a beautiful, even tan that makes us feel more attractive and our well-being improves significantly.

Regular visits to the solarium prepare our skin for contact with the sun, so we avoid the risk of skin burns when we first expose ourselves to the sharper sun.

Certainly, a visit to the solarium is a form of relaxation, and also allows you to provide the light that is necessary to make our skin look healthy. UV rays stimulate the body to produce vitamin D, the deficiencies of which we can feel especially in autumn and winter.

Let us remember, however, that despite the beneficial effect of tanning on our health and well-being, as in everything, it is necessary to maintain moderation.

Tanning in the solarium – for health!

Numerous studies have shown that UV radiation has a beneficial effect on the human body. Regular visits to the solarium improve blood circulation, lower pressure and dilate blood vessels. The sensible use of the solarium also supplements vitamin D3 deficiencies, which prevents many serious diseases. The moment of peace and relaxation that we take using the solarium also has a significant impact on health. It is also important to improve well-being and self-esteem when we can enjoy beautiful, evenly tanned skin.

What are the advantages of tanning in the solarium?

Although today solarium has many opponents, you can not forget about the advantages of using this type of service. If we use professional salons, sunbathe with your head, follow all safety rules and pay attention to the requirements of our skin, there is no cause for concern. Without hindrance, we can enjoy a nice tan even in winter.

1. Vitamin D3 Synthesis

Not only natural sunbathing on the beach, but also a visit to the solarium accelerates the absorption of vitamin D3. This vitamin is necessary for the construction of strong and healthy bones and teeth, as well as the preservation of efficient muscles.

2. A way to improve your mood

During tanning in the body, endorphins appear. Happiness hormones add energy to us, so solarium can be a recipe for bad mood especially at a time when the sun is like a cure.

3. Attractive appearance

The tanned body looks healthy, it seems slimmer. Nice appearance is also better humor and greater confidence. Of course, you can not overdo it, too strong tan instead of beautifying, adds years.

4. Rescue before an important event

If an important event awaits us and we look pale, solarium can be a quick way to improve the look. Many women use services before a New Year’s Eve party or well.

7 tips on how to prepare for your first visit to the solarium:

This year you are not planning to go on holiday to exotic countries, but dream of a golden tan? Use solarium services. If this will be your first visit, be sure to read a handful of practical advice. Read what you need to remember and how to prepare. Check how many minutes the first visit to the solarium should take.

What do you need to know before your first visit to the solarium?

If you dream of a beautiful, even tan with a solarium, remember to choose the right place. Such services are provided by specialized salons offering various treatments in the field of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. For the first visit to the solarium to go without unnecessary stress, read 6 tips that everyone should know before going to the salon.

1. Prepare your skin (peeling)

The day before the procedure, do a peeling of the whole body. In this way, you will remove the dead epidermis, the skin will become smooth and more sensitive to tanning. Thanks to this, the tan will last longer on the skin.

2. Give up perfumes and skin oils

On the day when you’re going to a solarium give up antiperspirants and perfumes. Alcohol and fragrances contained in cosmetics can contribute to the occurrence of unwanted allergic reactions. On the day of sunbathing, do not apply your own cosmetics with the addition of oils on the body, as irritation can occur.

3. Inform staff that this is the first time you’re using a solarium

When you visit the salon, talk to the service right away and say it’s your first time at the solarium. The specialist on the basis of the conversation will expertly advise you, choose the right bed and determine the correct duration of the session . If something bothers you, ask questions. Surely the service will explain everything to you exactly.

4. Take off your makeup and your jewellery.

Immediately before the tanning session, wash off the makeup (you can do it earlier at home). When sunbathing, you can’t wear any jewellery, so take off all earrings, rings, as well as a watch. If you wear contact lenses, also remove them.

5. Prepare your body

Cover your body with special cosmetics that activate melanin production, do not use any sunscreen which are dedicated to sunbathing on the beach. Protect your mouth with a protective filter as they are very sensitive to radiation. You can sunbathe naked or stay in your underwear. If you choose the option without underwear, remember to cover your nipples and any skin lesions and peppers. Wear safety glasses on your eyes.

6. Moisturize the skin and irrigate the body

Immediately after sunbathing, drink a lot of water, because during the session you will certainly sweat a lot. Take care of skin hydration. Apply after-tan lotions to make the skin smooth, firm and elastic. Regular care will keep the tan for longer.

How many minutes should the first visit to the solarium take?

The first visit to the solarium should not be longer than 5-10 minutes – the time should be assessed by the specialist. Any subsequent visit may take longer, but consult it with the salon service. You can schedule your next meeting after 24-48 hours. If you have pale skin, you should wait longer. After about 10 sessions, take a break.

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, even tan. It is not always possible to get it naturally, then the best solution is to use the services of a solarium. There are many benefits of tanning in the solarium. Today we will try to bring them closer.

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