Tanning Plateau

Tanning plateau is the most common struggle amongst many of our clients. We may hear our clients say things like ‘I can’t seem to be able to get darker’, ‘I am not getting results I desire’ or ‘I feel like I am stuck and I am not getting any more results’. It is very important for us as salon owners to know how we can help our clients, so they are satisfied and happy. This will ensure they keep coming back to your salon, rather than any other.

The very first step, is to understand how tanning actually works. You can refer to our previous blog here to find this out.

Now, the question is… What is Tanning Plateau?

Let us explain. As you progress in your tanning journey your skin becomes thicker. This means it is harder for UV light to penetrate your skin. That is typically when you will reach a point where your skin is not getting any darker.

What can we do to overcome tanning plateau? Here are a few tips that can help:

Tip 1

Switch your tanning lotions.

As much as our clients love their favorite tanning products, it is important that they switch between different types of lotions. Especially as they progress with their tan. If you have a client who is a type 6 in their tanning journey and they still use an intensifier or accelerator, they may not get their full tan potential. It is important to use a lotion that is equivalent to your skin type. Our skin will get used to certain ingredients. This means they may loose their effectiveness over time. Make sure you offer a wide range of cosmetics in your salon. This will ensure you have a cream suitable for all skin types.

Tip 2

Change between a stand up and a lay down sunbed.

We understand clients have their favorite sunbeds. However, we strongly encourage to swap between a stand up and a laydown sunbed to maximize the tanning results. Using a stand up sunbed every few sessions will not only even out your tan. It will also help to speed up the blood circulation. This will help your skin to get darker (especially when using a stand up sunbed with vibrating plate!) Another great benefit of using different sunbeds is they all have varying UVB/UVA ratios. These stimulate different levels within the skin. For some of our clients this may mean stepping down a level or two for a few tanning session to see results.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and we encourage you to leave a comment or contact us if you have any question. Our team is always happy to help!

Tanning Plateau
Tanning Plateau

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