Error codes Ergoline, Soltron

Why is my Ergoline or Soltron tanning unit displaying an E001?

Ergoline professional sunbeds with innovative technology.

Error code Fault / Fault description

E001 Condensation tank full
(Fault display only possible with the original condensation tank)
Empty the condensation tank.

Important Tips for first time Salon Owners

Navigating the world of sunbeds can be tricky, especially when you are new to the industry. Picking the right supplier is crucial. The right supplier will not only have the best prices and a great selection of beds, they should be able to help you and advice you on the journey of becoming a successful sunbed owner.

Business ideas – tanning shop

Business ideas – tanning shop

Tanning shop

Yes, you heard me right. Even though tanning shops are one the market for a while you still see new ones opening. Very often they become an addition to existing beauty businesses.

How to make it successful?

Location is the key.…

Tanning Salon Planer

Tanning Salon Planner

Even though this may be obvious, remember that absolute cleanliness is obligatory. This is what your customers expect and deserve. Take a read of our Tanning Salon Planner!


When estimating how long opening your business will take, consider adding an extra week or two to your calculations.…

Sunbed Salon

How to Start a Sunbed Salon

Sunbed Salon

One sunbed can cost about £3000, even up to £30 000. You can always consider using a reconditioned sunbeds, saving around 50-70% compared to the price of a new one.

There’s a lot of ways to achieve a healthy looking, golden brown tan.…


Error Codes Luxura

Problems with your sunbed? No worries! Below is our list of Luxura Error Codes.

Lumina C / E

Code Description possible problem / solution
OVR Overrule: relais on main print defect Change main print
ERR Error airflow switch fan in bench Airflow switch not connected or defect
Fan in bench does not work >> check wiring
Airflow switch does not come in normally > airflow blocked.

A complete guide to sunbed ventilation

A complete guide of how to set up a successful ventilation system in any tanning salon. 

When opening a salon getting the basics right such as room sizes, electric supply and ventilation requirements is essential.

Ensuring that the sunbed has a good supply of fresh air into the cubicle, as well as an output for hot air that the sunbed generates is the key to ensuring that your sunbeds work effortlessly without overheating.…