Delicate Face

Introducing you to Magical Sun- Step By Step – Delicate Face

Expert Line products are designed specifically for face and legs – Celebrity Legs and Delicate Face

Luxurious activator with bronzing ingredients designed especially for the face. Enriched with substances that prevent the aging process: Collagen, argan oil, and silk protein give your skin maximum protection.…

magical sun

Introducing you to Magical Sun- Step By Step – Power Bronzer

Magical Sun Dark Series – Power Bronzer

Experience the intensity of Power Bronzer, helping you achieve a quicker tan. Max colour protection gives you depth of colour and allows you to prolong the results for longer. 

The blend of tyrosine, phototan LS, erythrulose and cocoa butter helps to develop a stunning tan, whilst the shea butter and aloe vera deeply nourish the skin.…

magical sun

Introducing you to Magical Sun- Step By Step – Mega Bronzer

Magical Sun Dark Series – Mega Bronzer

The Dark Series from Magical Sun – An essential line of products to suit all salons.

 “Mega Bronzer”

The ultimate bronzing experience! Mega Bronzer uses the latest technology in indoor tanning cosmetics to deliver an intensely bronzing experience.…

commercial sunbeds

Ergoline Prestige 990 S Dynamic Power

This stunning Ergoline Prestige 990 Dynamic Power is fitted with 52 UV lamps, and 4 facial tanners and shoulder tanners to satisfy all your salon’s needs. This sunbed comes in a range of colours: Shining Blue, Fashion Pink-Orange and SilverPearl Blue.…

rental sunbeds

Rental sunbeds

Rental sunbeds Options at Best Sunbeds LTD

Are you thinking of renting a sunbed for your existing or new business? Look no further – at Best Sunbeds LTD we have a fantastic range of machines. 

Are you hoping to open a sunbed salon or add a sunbed to your existing business?…


The Secret of Youth – Collagen Light

Best Sunbeds is passionate about bringing the newest technology to UK’s salons. Meet the Ergoline Beauty Angel, the latest innovation in anti-ageing.

At Best Sunbeds we are committed to introducing the newest light-therapy treatments to UK salons.In recent years, collagen light therapy has become a cosmetic breakthrough, originally developed by NASA. …


Ergoline Affinity 900

Outlining the amazing features of the Ergoline Affinity 900. 

The beautiful, characteristic shape of the Ergoline Affinity 900 with comfortable, light saturated tunnel impresses the customer at the first sight. The wide range of light show options allow you to truly customise the sunbed to fully suit your salon.…


Ergoline Sun Angel

All about the wonderfully unique Sun Angel S.52 by Ergoline

The Ergoline Sun Angel is a sunbed truly in its own league. Its unique skin Sun Angel skin sensor registers the most recent sun exposure and skin tone giving the ultimate customised tan, without the risk of over-exposure.…



Ergoline Prestige is a premium modern tanning equipment. This bed is a top of the range tanning machine fitted with the latest technology and luxurious features.

The Prestige boasts an impressive 52 body lamps which ensure an even and golden brown tan.…


Ergoline Esprit 770-S – perfect commercial sunbed

Ergoline Esprit 770-S is the perfect commercial sunbed for trend-setters and fashion addicts.

The colourful and edgy design of Ergoline Esprit 770 will entice any sunbed lover.

The Esprit boasts a range of fantastic features such as the extra-wide Multi-Relax Acrylic, fitted with arm and foot rests, which allow you to fully relax in the most comfortable position while you tan.…