Safe tanning

Safe tanning

Choose a tanning cosmetic which is right for your skin!

Before you start your tanning adventure, it is important to know your skin type in order to take care of your tan safely and optimally.

Where does all this fuss about the phototype come from?…

Magical Sun- Be You

Magical Sun – Be You – Sun from flowers – new collection

We are excited to introduce you to the new collection by Magical Sun “Be You”- Sun from flowers

Magical Sun new line of cosmetics will be available soon in our store.

The Profil-Solar is a recognized brand that’s been specializing in indoor tanning products for many years.…

soleo basic poster

Special promotion Bestsunbeds

Special December promotion with Bestsunbeds LTD.

Exclusive discount of 10%

Enjoy the special December promotion now from wide range of tanning cosmetics with Bestsunbeds Ltd.

Special December promotion for your tanning salons.

We are offering our customers an exclusive discount of 10% off, from our wide range of tanning cosmetics.…

soleo logo

Soleo Cosmetics

Introducing Soleo’s main line of tanning cosmetics.

With Soleo, you have a really great selection to choose from. Enjoy an extensive range of accelerators, bronzers, strong bronzers, tingle creams and moisturisers.

Take a look below at the full range, and follow the links provided with the orange buttons.…

supertan sensation

Supertan – Sensation Cosmetics

Get a sensational tan with the fun and extensive range of Supertan cosmetics. This particular range, the “Sensation” line offers high quality bronzers, accelerators, tingle creams and an after tan moisturiser.

All the products look professional and fun in their playful packaging.…

soleo basic poster

Soleo Basic

Showcasing the “Basic” collection from Soleo – A no-nonsense line of functional, quality tanning cosmetics.

Are you looking for an affordable collection of bronzers, accelerators, tingle creams and moisturisers? Look no further than the “Basic” line from Soleo.

The “Basic” line brings you 10 wonderful products:

See these amazing cosmetics

soleo basic line
Fall in love with the simplicity of Soleo Basic.
celebration line bottles

Supertan – Celebration

An extremely attractive collection from Supertan – The celebration line.

A new addition to Best Sunbeds LTD, the Celebration line from Supertan is a line of 5 modern tanning and body care products. Designed for those who love a healthy and gorgeous-looking tan, that highlights the natural beauty of the skin.…

Magical Sun Cosmetics

Magical Sun Ingredients

Magical Sun Ingredients
Take a look at a list of high quality and essential ingredients used in all respected tanning cosmetics.
These products feature the same great composition used by much more expensive brands, for half the price. As a result, clients always come back to experience the same quality products and distribute them to their salon.…

Natural Carotene Gels

Natural Carotene Gels

Introducing you to the Natural Carotene Gels from “Magical Sun’s” Natural Series.

Gold carrot gels are designed for people seeking an immediate, deep and dark tan. Even people with hypoallergenic, difficult to tan skin can now achieve stunning results. Carefully selected natural ingredients nourish your skin, and have a very light and easily absorbing consistency.…

Two-Phase Tanning Oils from Magical Sun

Two-Phase Tanning Oils from Magical Sun

Treat your skin with the Two-Phase Tanning Oils from Magical Sun.

Completely natural two-phase tanning oils made from an exotic blend of fruits and flowers coming from the wildest parts of the world. This product will transform your skin even after long exposure to UV rays.…