UV light a weapon to  diminish the viruses.

UV light a weapon to diminish the viruses.

Meanwhile when the world is fighting against the coronavirus outbreak, LEDs that deliver virus killing, UV lights might be a practical solution for preventing infection.

Runny nose, cough, fever, muscle and joint pain are the symptoms of the flu. Contrary to popular belief, influenza is a slightly stronger cold, but on the contrary it is a severe infectious disease, in extreme cases life-threatening infection.…

Safe tanning

Safe tanning

Choose a tanning cosmetic which is right for your skin!

Before you start your tanning adventure, it is important to know your skin type in order to take care of your tan safely and optimally.

Where does all this fuss about the phototype come from?…

MegaSun- P9 hybridSun “Porsche DNA”

MegaSun- P9 hybridSun “Porsche DNA”-The first sunbed designed in collaboration with Studio F.A.Porsche. Designed to fascinate. With the Matrix Lightshow, the P9 sets new design standards. New sunbed from MegaSun has been launched at FIBO 2019, it is the world’s first sunbed with “Porsche DNA” as MegaSun have teamed up with Studio F.A.…


Advantages of using solarium

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, even tan. It is not always possible to get it naturally, then the best solution is to use the services of a solarium. There are many benefits of tanning in the solarium. Today we will try to bring them closer.

Collagen solarium – a new dimension of tanning

Collagen solarium a new dimension of tanning.

A collagen solarium is also known as a “Collarium”. Collagen sunbeds are the future of tanning. Why not benefit from the “healing power of the sun” in the form of UVB light on the Collarium as well?…

Collagen Light Therapy - Stay Young and Healthy.

Collagen Light Therapy – Stay Young and Healthy.

Stay young and healthy with a collagen light therapy.

What is collagen light therapy and how it helps us stay young and healthy?

Collagen is an essential of connective tissue, which is a flexible structure for the dermis. It is found not only in the skin, but also in bones, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.…

Importance of protecting your eyes while sunbathing

Importance of protecting your eyes while sunbathing

Outlining the importance of protecting your eyes while sunbathing.

When sunbathing in the professional tanning salon, it is necessary to protect your eyes. Protecting your eyes is one of the basic truths when it comes to safe tanning on a tanning equipment.…

Magical Sun- Be You

Magical Sun – Be You – Sun from flowers – new collection

We are excited to introduce you to the new collection by Magical Sun “Be You”- Sun from flowers

Magical Sun new line of cosmetics will be available soon in our store.

The Profil-Solar is a recognized brand that’s been specializing in indoor tanning products for many years.…

soleo basic poster

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rainbow lights

Rainbow Lights for Sunbeds

What are they?

Rainbow Lights are the latest technology in the tanning industry🌈🌈Not only are they visually pleasing, they also give you multiple health benefits. Give your clients something to talk about! These lamps consist of 4 different colours. 


Positive energy.…