The Secret of Youth – Collagen Light

Best Sunbeds is passionate about bringing the newest technology to UK’s salons. Meet the Ergoline Beauty Angel, the latest innovation in anti-ageing.

At Best Sunbeds we are committed to introducing the newest light-therapy treatments to UK salons.In recent years, collagen light therapy has become a cosmetic breakthrough, originally developed by NASA. 

Collagen is one of the key building blocks of our fibres, you can find it anywhere from skin tissue, connective bonds to muscle. The collagen associated with youthfulness and beauty can be found in our skin. Our skin is made up of several layers staring with the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

The red light penetrates the dermis, which is the part responsible for production of collagen, elastin and other processes which keep our skin firm and supple. As we get older the production of new skin cells slows down and we loose collagen and elastin, which gives our skin the wrinkled and porous appearance. As our collagen production slows down by the age of 25, the collagen therapy is specifically designed for people over the age of 25. Collagen light allows to reverse the process of ageing from the inside.

That is where the Beauty Angel C46 Sun by Ergoline comes in. Ergoline’s innovative technology works on producing new collagen bonds while you tan, blending beauty and UV effortlessly. The Beauty Angel C46 comes with 3 different settings: Pure Beauty, Beauty and Sun as well as Sun and Beauty.

The Pure Beauty setting focuses on collagen light only. This process does not tan. The red-light is absorbed by the fibroblast cells where it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and other processes. The result is glowing and firm skin on the entire body.

The Beauty and Sun function emits a small proportion of UV light to give you the additional benefits of sun rays. The focus is not on tanning, but rather well being associated with sun exposure such as boosting your Vitamin D production and happy hormones. At the end of each session customers enjoy pure Beauty Light to give them a glowing complexion.

The Sun and Beauty setting takes care of your skin while you tan reduces common and unpleasant effects of tanning such as the typical UV smell and the tight feeling after UV exposure. Instead, you can enjoy a gentle glow which is combined with a luxurious skin feel.

Collagen machines are truly the future of tanning. In a day and age where everyone is health and beauty conscious they are a big step away from your usual tanning equipment.

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