E040 and E041 Ergoline Error Codes. Everything you need to know

Read this blog to find out more about E040 and E041 Ergoline error codes, and what you need to do, if this issue occurs on your sunbed in your salon.

If you have been in the tanning industry for a while, or you have a well prospecting business, then you are more than likely to have an Ergoline sunbeds in you tanning salon. If you do, then this blog is for you. In today’s blog we will be explaining some of the most popular Ergoline error codes – E040 and E041. You are probably wandering what is the cause of this errors. As well as what you need to do, to avoid them from happening.
Don’t panic! These Ergoline error codes do not necessary mean, that something is wrong with the sunbed itself. However, it can be related to your ventilation system (we are not talking about body and face fans!).

Error Codes E040 and E041 will appear when there is a disruption on the airflow switch, that is built in on the outside of the main ventilator. Error code E040
means that the airflow switch did not turned on when the sunbed begun its work.
However, E041 means that the airflow switch did not turn off.

Ergoline Error Code E040

Airflow Switch E040
Air Flow Switch

If the sunbed is working correctly, ventilator should turn on the airflow switch in no more than 40 seconds. If this will not happen, the sunbed will automatically turn off itself in emergency. Therefore an error code E040 will appear on the panel.

What may be the reason of this happening?
There might be many reasons, and some you can resolve yourself. First thing to do, is to check if your sunbed is connected to the correct ventilation system. You can also check if something is not blocking the air outlet from the ventilator. If you will realize, that there chimney is not blowing any air, then you unfortunately need help from a qualified engineer. If the above is not the case, and everything is connected correctly, the next step is to check the sunbed filter. Sometimes, it is not clearly apparent if the filter is clean or not. Therefore, we always advise to try to hoover the filters regardless.

If you still did not manage to solve the problem, try to make a test. Open the sunbed cabin door, as well as your salon’s door to help airflow run as easily as as it is possible. If the error code is not appearing while the cabin door is open, but does when it is closed, it means that you need improvement in your ventilation system, or a sunbed engineer need to try to set your sunbed differently to eliminate the error.

Ergoline Error Code E041

This error code means that airflow switch did not turned off after the finished tanning session. Therefore it will not appear before, but always after the finished session.

What may be the reason of this happening?
If after the finished session the ventilator did not stop, it means that the airflow switch did not returned to its original position. It may also mean that the damage is elsewhere and the main ventilator did not turn off when it supposed to. However, if the ventilator turned off, and then E041 appeared on the panel, airflow switch could have been suspended or damaged. It is also possible that it is simply too dusty.
Another thing to look out for, is checking if the airflow switch did not bend. It may be a possibility, as its made from gentle and flexible material.
If the ventilator is not turning off at all, you need help from a professional sunbed engineer. (Call us on 01865 718485)

E040 and E041 error codes – To Summarize:

Error Code E040 and E041 can be re-set by pressing the ‘Start’ button on the panel or by turning the power off and on. However, it will not solve the issue, and the error codes will keep on appearing on daily basis.
You should always remember to clean and service the sunbeds regularly to extent its life.

To make the airflow run easily, you can built special cabin rooms. Those have an open space at the top and at the bottom. Let us know in the comments, if that is something you would like to see in the next blogs.

If you have any difficulties with your sunbeds, or you are not sure what the issue is, never try to fix the problem yourself! Always follow Health & Safety guidelines, and call a professional sunbed engineer.

You can reach us on: 01865 718485, info@bestsunbeds.co.uk.

Head to https://blog.bestsunbeds.co.uk/error-codes-ergoline-2/ for a list of Ergoline Soltron Error Codes.

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  • 5th May 2021 at 7:58 am

    What does error code E031 mean please?

  • 5th June 2023 at 12:41 pm

    Hi i have an ergoline 800 excellence that goes off and the shoulder tanners stay on the only way i can get it off is to isolate it any help

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      Hi Tina, Thank you for your comment. Please get in touch with Julita on 07982620396. She will be able to help! All the best, Best Sunbeds Team


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