Fake Tans and Sunbeds?

Can I still get a real tan over my fake tan? Will fake tan stop my tanning process?

The simple answer is no it will not. We Britons love our fake tan; so much so that the business is worth £35 million per year. But in the summer a lot of people seek to (at least temporarily) ditch their fake tan and get a natural glow.

Applying fake tan prior to sun exposure might be specifically beneficial to people who find it hard to tan or burn very easily. Fake tan acts like an extra layer between the sun and your skin. This means that you can go slow; and by the time your fake glow will fade, you will have a good base tan.

Make sure you keep your skin moisturised and exfoliated so you do not get a patchy real tan, during your transition. We also strongly suggest that you use a bronzer and accelerator to deepen your tan quickly.

We highly recommend our Green Tea Accelerator by Magical Sun which will impact the melanin stores in your skin. For people who get browner quicker the ideal product will be the Speed Bronzer by Magical Sun which is a mix of bronzers and accelerators in one step. Just remember to use an SPF. Stay safe in the sun! 

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