Fanatic 0.3 compliant range

Are you looking for the best 0.3 compliant tubes on the market? You’ve found them.

0.3 compliant EuroTan tubes from Fanatic

At Best Sunbeds we offer a wide range of tanning tubes, most importantly the 0.3 compliant tubes. It’s important for salons to know about these, as they ensure maximum safety and a beautiful tan. Here at Best Sunbeds, safety is a priority for both our clients and yours. As we’re sure you’re aware, there is a regulation governing the maximum UV output of sunbeds.  This is referred to as “0.3” and is approved by the EU and adheres with all British and European consumer safety regulations.
A 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun, without the risk of burning.

0.3 compliant tubes from fanatic

What you can expect

  • A deep and long lasting tan
  • A healthier absorption of UV, being gentle on your skin
  • An eliminated risk of burning/over-exposure
  • An enjoyable, relaxing tan!

These compliant tubes are less intense, meaning you can relax for longer. As a salon owner, this could even mean you can sell longer tanning sessions without worrying about harm. Of course, one of the most important factors is that you can avoid fines for non-compliance! Many salons are inspected daily and without warning.
Don’t get caught out, switch to 0.3 compliant today.

Find our 0.3 tube selection here!!!

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