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FAQ Sunbed
These are just rough guidelines. Always consult your local salons and your doctor prior to using tanning equipment.

Can anyone use tanning beds?

If they are over 18 years of age and they have no pre-existing medical conditions which could produce adverse reaction to UV, you absolutely can!

FAQ Sunbed

Can I wear make-up during my tanning session?

We would recommend against it. Clean skin absorbs UV light better and quicker. Our make-up bags contain a wide range of substances form emulsifiers, emollients and perfumes in conjunction with UV radiation can cause allergic reactions.

Furthermore, UV light opens the pores in your skin, making them more prone to clogging and break outs.

If I shower after my tanning session, will this impact my tan?

No, it will not. The tan is within your skin not on it, which means you cannot wash it off. However, your skin will benefit with a generous amount of moisturiser, which will help to prolong your glow.

I am on medication, can I still use sunbeds?

Some medications increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV light. This tendency is particularly high with antibiotics, sulphonamides, psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers, anti-diabetics and diuretics. Sun creams which contain psoralen or coumarin also increase skin sensitivity. We strongly recommend to consult your doctor prior to any sun exposure, so he can put you at ease.

What about contact lenses and sunbeds?

Absolutely fine! Like any other sunbed user, contact lenses should wear special protective eye wear against UV radiation. You can also ask your optician for special UV lenses which will not only help you with indoor tanning but also in your daily life.

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