How to keep up your sales in the Summer

The hot summer months usually bring a slow season for the indoor tanning industry. For obvious reasons, people are out enjoying the rarely experienced summer sun.

Most of your regular clients will have already purchased minutes from you, and will be coming back weekly to maintain their tan.
So, you’ll need to gain more clients like this during the slow season.
One way to kick start this is by offering “Tan for the summer” deals which expire at the end of summer. This way, people will buy tanning courses before the busy season ends, but they’ll keep coming throughout the summer.

How will I do this?

There are a few other ways you could try to build this new client base. For example, you can visit local dermatologists and medical spas offering a few free tans to the staff if they desire. If possible, you can try to set up cross promotions and referrals with hairdressers / beauticians to encourage them to refer clients your way. Dropping off coupons and business cards to your new connections regularly will hopefully bring you new referrals. When these referrals do visit your shop, take special care of them. These clients will give you the best word-of-mouth referrals as they’ve used your services and will most likely be local.


Everybody loves to try new products, and seasonal items can be a good way to increase your sales. The transition to warmer, more humid air can alter our skin care needs. Why not swap out heavy moisturisers and body butters for lighter, hot-weather options? Heavy oil-based exfoliating cosmetics are no longer needed for the removal of dry winter skin. Alternatively, try to promote more gentle, oil free exfoliation products.

Exclusive summer-only options are another effective way to keep your sales from declining. Clients will be more inclined to purchase limited availability choices. There are many possibilities to promote a hot summer add-on in your shop.

By using these tips, hopefully you can find your own way to thrive in the summer months, rather than just survive. Running a tanning business can be a challenge, but we like a challenge!

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