How to Start a Sunbed Salon

Sunbed Salon

One sunbed can cost about £3000, even up to £30 000. You can always consider using a reconditioned sunbeds, saving around 50-70% compared to the price of a new one.

There’s a lot of ways to achieve a healthy looking, golden brown tan. One of the most popular choices is to visit a tanning salon. Despite having bad press lately, sunbeds still have a lot of ardent supporters. There is no doubt that a professional tanning salon will always find customers eager to give it a try.

If you ever decide to try and open your own sunbed salon, you’re going to have to answer a couple of questions first. For example, how many tanning beds you plan to have, which brand are you planning to choose, how much money would you like to invest and so on. First of all though, you need to decide if tanning services are all you want to offer your customers. You might also consider broaden your services with, for example, manicure and/or pedicure services. Of course, all of the answers to the questions above depend on various factors, such as location, nearby competition, your budget and many others. However there are a few things common to all tanning salon start-ups.

For example, you want to obviously buy more than one tanning bed. One commercial sunbed won’t be able to earn enough to cover your bills and your clients will be discouraged by having to stand in line and wait for their turn. Three or more beds is a good idea, just like adding different services – people might come to get a tan and stay for a manicure if they like the atmosphere.


Costs of opening this kind of business vary depending on the sunbeds brand you want to use, location, rent and all the other factors. But what you always need to consider first is commercial sunbeds prices. Those machines, unfortunately, aren’t cheap. One sunbed can cost about £3000, even up to £30 000. You can always consider using a reconditioned sunbeds, saving around 50-70% compared to the price of a new one. It’s obviously best to invest in high quality brands, like Ergoline, megaSun, Luxura , that – combined with your staff’s competence – ensure professional and safe services. Clients always compare sunbed shops they visit and you want to make sure they are always going to choose yours above others.

Since there’s a lot of competition already on the market, many people wonder if it’s still profitable to open another sunbed salon. The answer is yes, but only if you carefully plan ahead and pay attention to the details. What makes a lucrative tanning salon is a professional, well-informed staff, high-end commercial sunbeds and, of course, successful advertisement. Contrary to what some people might say, it is important not to significantly lower the typical tanning prices in your area, when opening your business. Promotions like that aren’t always a good idea. Prices being disproportionally low compared to your service quality might work for your disadvantage. After some time you will be forced to raise them, if you want your salon to be profitable. Your clients, who become used to much lower prices, won’t be happy with that change. That is exactly what planning ahead is. Do not think only about the beginning of your business but also think about what might happen weeks or months later.

How to Start a Sunbed Salon

Location is always the key. You basically need to choose between town centres with a lot of potential customers and areas in a close proximity to large housing estates. Obviously the latter will have much lower rent but you need to be sure that you will be able to build a steady client base there. Consider cooperating with other business places that offer beauty care services, like hairdresser salons. For example, some kind of discount system might prove to be profitable for both of your businesses.

You cannot forget about hiring a professional, well-mannered and competent staff. The client needs to feel important and above all, safe. Sunbed salons have a lot of opponents, especially since UV exposure can be harmful in some conditions. Therefore your staff needs to be ready to calmly answer any question about tanning safety a client might have. It is required for your personnel to know exactly how to tan safely, what the contraindications to indoor tanning are and to be able to clearly explain all the health risks. It’s useful for your personnel to know a lot about tanning cosmetics and skin care products available to buy in your salon, being able to choose the best brands and types depending on the clients skin condition as well as other factors.

Basically you always want to make sure that your sunbed salon has a unique and stress-free atmosphere of professional care, to ensure your clients will keep coming back for more. It is also very important to choose a proper sunbed supplier who can help with technical matters, such as sunbed service, fast and professional sunbed repairs and also provide the latest technology tanning lamps and skin care products.


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