Introducing the Hybervibe Whole Body Vibration Plate

Vibration Plate

What are vibrating floor plates, and how to use them to generate maximum results.

Hypervibe machines, otherwise known as Power Plates have entered the fitness world around 5 years ago and they have been making a name for themselves ever since. The Hypervibe Vibrating Plate is one of the few machines with the right combination of G Force power which can significantly alter the look of your body.


The main promise behind the technology, is that a 25 minute on a Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration Plate equals to an hour and a half of weightlifting.

The G Force in the plate works by contracting your muscles 30-50 times quicker then during a conventional workout; and thereby generating a lot of internal heat, which lets you see the results in a reduced time. The vibrations work on blood circulation, flexibility and strength. Prolonged use can also help to reduce cellulite, muscle loss and aids speedy recovery from sport-related injuries.


The machine can be used as a relaxation tool after your workout to stimulate the recovery process, while giving you a soothing massage.

However, the Hypervibe machines work best by using them as a base for your workout. The power plate’s platform is deliberately unstable, which stimulates your muscles and helps to maximise the effect of bodyweight exercises. The more intense the vibration, the harder you work. The recommended exercises include squats, lunges, press-ups and crunches.


Hypervibe Vibration Plates are designed to work for people of all different levels of fitness*. If you are a beginner it is best to start with 9 minutes of resistance training, followed by 9 minutes of relaxation programme. After 1-2 weeks you can gradually progress to longer and more intense sessions.

The Hypervibe Plate has celebrity fans which include Madonna, Jonathan Ross, Courtney Cox, Joanna Krupa and Donatella Versace. You can find the machines at good health clubs, gyms and SPAs.


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*Please note: Before using a power plate machine of any kind, do consult your doctor before.

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