Looking for the premium indoor tanning cosmetics for your salon?

Looking for the premium indoor tanning cosmetics for your salon? Look no further and try the Magical Sun range today!

Cosmetics by Magical Sun are loved by so many around the globe, at very attractive prices for your salon. They smell great, apply perfectly and make you look beautiful as a result.

The extensive range by Magical Sun comes in 4 deluxe series.

Classic Series

Their ‘Classic series’ is composed of all-time sunbed shop favourites. The ‘Classical Series’ includes the following products:

  • Green Tea Accelerator
  • Hot Touch Accelerator
  • Choco Dream Bronzer
  • Coco Brown Bronzer
  • Glamour Touch After Sun Lotion
  • Dark Zone Bronzer

The Classic Series will satisfy any sunbed salon, as a good range of products which customers love and know.

Dark Series

Their second series blends active ingredients such as Tyrosine, PhotoTan LS and Eythulose. Including natural oils from Macadamia, Aloe Vera and Agave to deliver a range of intensely bronzing balms. The ‘Dark Series’ range is composed of Mega Bronzer, Speed Bronzer and Power Bronzer. They also have introduced revolutionary two-phase tanning oils which blend exotic flower oils with tanning accelerators, specifically formulated for oily and combination skin.

eXtreme Tan (Premium Line)

The best-selling range of Magical Sun cosmetics is the Extreme series. Magical Sun have created a range of premium sunbed creams which combine amazing results with the beautiful scent of best-selling perfumes. Each of the products is carefully thought out to appeal to a different demographic of today’s busy society. The range is composed of:

‘Perfect woman’ bronzing lotion. This light-weight lotion will deliver an ultra-sexy deep tan while leaving you smelling like the sensual Paco-Rabanne Lady Million.

The ‘Hard-core Man’ bronzer is fortified with tattoo protecting properties, which prevents fading during your sunbed session. The alluring fragrance combined with sun-kissed skin will ensure that all eyes are on you.

The ‘Dark City’ bronzer is designed for ladies and gentlemen alike. The Unisex Vital Complex deeply moisturises the skin and regenerates it after UV exposure. The Gucci by Gucci fragrance will make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

The ‘Extreme Black’ bronzer is an extremely bronzing balm which is perfect if you want to beat your tan plateau, and make your tan darker. The unisex fragrance of Cacharel Amor Amor will make you feel revitalised and smelling great.

Natural Series

The final range by Magical Sun is a range of natural Carrot Gels, which are perfect if you seek to achieve a natural, golden looking tan.

As we are the official and only representative of Magical Sun cosmetics in the UK, we are able to offer exclusive discounts to our customers. We are confident that you will fall in love them just as we did, and we are more than happy to send you a few samples of their premium products to try out for yourself and your salon.

Get in touch with us! We will love to hear from you! Just email sales@bestsunbeds.co.uk

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