Luxura X5

Tanning will never be the same again.

New luxury from HAPRO available at Best Sunbed ltd. All about the wonderful Luxura X5.
Freshness and lightness with Hapro.
“Hapro” is on of the companies whose presence in the market of tanning devices has been going on for centuries. More than twenty years of experience in creating tanning devices, is a potential that cannot and should not be passed indifferently.

The new Luxura X5 is a great performance and very modern style at a really attractive price.

HAPRO has opted for a modern design. Based on a number of improvements to improve sunbathing comfort and luxury for solarium users.

Luxura X5 with its pioneering design is your entry to premium tanning in this product segment. The Luxura sunbed already comes as a standard sunbed with a wide range of features and can be boosted to a high-class product by adding extra features, such as aquacool.

Captivating colours

The new LUXURA enchants with its colour and it seems that the most difficult choice facing you is the decision in choosing the colour of the sunbed.

If you are looking for exciting solutions you couldn’t have chosen better!

We recommend to chose the intensive colours with a 3D effect, which emphasize the shape of the sunbed making it stand out more and gives it a more intriguing look.

Closed sunbed (Luxura X5)

Inside the sunbed you will find something that will surely distinguish LUXURA from all tanning sunbeds which is the new, unique and intuitive backlit panel to operate the device.

Control panel in Luxura x5

The exterior-resistant acrylic screen, ergonomically integrated into the top cover, allows for easy communication and selection of the desired functions, therefore the whole design makes the display perfectly visible even through safety goggles.

Cooling comfort- tanning comfort

LUXURA has applied a pioneering solution in the form of two separate generators for face and body. The cooling control allows you to select one of 8 levels of cooling intensity.

Furthermore the innovative SmartCooling solution which is a unique cooling system that reacts intelligently and adjusts the effective cooling to the temperature inside the sunbed.

The SmartCooling also ensures that the optimum tanning temperature is achieved, much faster than with previous solutions.

The acrylic surface inside the sunbed is extremely pleasant in touch, it has no metal elements that could cause any discomfort during tanning. The tanning session has become transparently clean and hygienic, and additionally comfortably pleasant.

Water mist in Luxura x5

Another novelty is the choice of a refreshing scent. With LUXURA you can choose the aroma you love from three scents: sea, flower or sandalwood. The scent combined with the extremely effective Qsens water mist makes you feel like you are on an exotic beach that is inaccessible to others.

Luxura- operation of the sunbed made even easier

HAPRO has focused on comfort for both the tanning person and the employees of the solariums. Thanks to the introduction of several innovative technical solutions, every employee can now carry out the necessary activities resulting from the daily operation of the solarium.

With the help of two cylinders, the acrylic surface of the bed raises gently and smoothly, therefore changing or cleaning the lamps becomes extremely easy. During the time when the lower acrylic surface is up, you can lift the bottom panel with just one touch, which makes changing the aroma and the breeze buckets incredibly easy.

Luxura open sunbed


Luxura specifications


  • HPS
  • BPS
  • Ambient Flow Light
  • SoundARound
  • Pre-wring
  • Xsens I, III
  • Qsens
  • CliMax
  • Air extraction


Luxura X5


In conclusion:

Beautiful line, comfortable and rich interior, excellent tanning power and safety, a multitude of modern solutions improving the quality of the tanning experience and simple operation, both for the tanner and the employees – this is the new LUXURA.


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Luxura X5
Luxura X5

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