MegaSun- P9 hybridSun “Porsche DNA”

MegaSun- P9 hybridSun “Porsche DNA”-The first sunbed designed in collaboration with Studio F.A.Porsche. Designed to fascinate. With the Matrix Lightshow, the P9 sets new design standards. New sunbed from MegaSun has been launched at FIBO 2019, it is the world’s first sunbed with “Porsche DNA” as MegaSun have teamed up with Studio F.A. to design it. Now available at Best Sunbeds store.

MegaSun hybridSun sunbed closed.

Studio F.A.

Studio F.A. are responsible for “Porsche Design” A premium design studio producing quality, high end products.

They have their own clothing line, they’ve produced a luxury yacht, designed interior spaces, and now they have developed the world’s sleekest looking sunbed.

MegaSun P9 – hybridSun

This sunbed combines a unique design with outstanding technical performance, innovation that captivates customers. P9- hybridSun is a promise of first-class technology and stunning design thanks to KBL’s Cooperation with Studio F.A. Porsche. The cooperation resulted in an ambitious project which is the new P9, a sunbed with Porsche DNA.

P9 – a new style for your studio

Designed to fascinate: with the Lightshow Matrix, the P9 sets new design standards. And convincing with functions that leave no room for additional wishes. It’s a guarantee of an unforgettable experience.

Immediately appealing and captivating performance

Striking and fascinating look. From the very first moment on, the P9 is captivating with its Matrix Lightshow option. Moreover 2400 individually controlled special LEDs, which create light animation that are unique in terms of both shape and colour. As standard, P9 is equipped with a wide range of lighting programs.

Maximum performance

High performance that leaves nothing to be desired: Intense sunlight and soothing facial light for the face and neckline, specially adapted for manual work and available in two variants. Along with, four spectral combinations in the body area with Beauty-Boosters are optimally distributed from head to toe.

Detailedness of design:

A real design attraction: Shoulder tanners and sound system in perfect symbiosis. Additional sunlight, extremely amazing sound experience and voice-controlled tips with operational features. Best quality comfort that meets the highest standards.

Intelligent control panel:

Above all the intelligent control panel allows customers to set the comfort features before tanning session, such as air conditioning (Supreme comfort) aqua cool (revitalizing water mist for a pleasant refreshing experience), another feature like aroma (who doesn’t love a beautiful scent during their tanning session), sound system (relaxation while listening to your favourite tunes), mega voice ( a clear and helpful voice guide) and easy connection of Bluetooth to your smart devices with one simple touch.

Completely wireless: (who needs cables anyway?)

A world first in the P9 by KBL: Wireless charging is suitable for all smartphones. All you need to do, is place your smart device on the Bluetooth icon and your device will immediately start to charge during your tanning session.

MegaSun – P9 hybridSun


  • 18 x 200 W (max.) pureSunlight lamps
  • 8 x 200 W smartSunlight lamps
  • 4 x 700 W pureFacials
  • 70 beautyBooster


  • 16 x 200 W (max.) pureSunlight lamps
  • 8 x 200 W smartSunlight lamps

Maximum power consumption:

  • 14 kW (with aircon)

Number of lamps:


pureSunlight- 34 lamps


smartSunlight- 16 lamps

Beauty booster HyperRed

Beauty Booster HyperRed- 70 beauty Booster


pureFacials- 4 facials

In addition the P9 HybridSun- Due to the most efficient combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight, results are satisfying during and after tanning session.

MegaSun HybridSun tanning results

Technical specification of a MagaSun P9 hybridSun

specification of a P9 hybridSun

Highlight in black or white

The perfect choice for all salon concepts: With two body colours, the P9 is a true highlight in every environment. Furthermore the P9‘s look and features turn every tanning session into an incredible experience that impresses customers again and again.

MegaSun  in white design
MegaSun HybridSun in black colour design

MegaSun P9 is equipped with a wide range of lighting programs. Up to 24 different lightshow designs to chose from.

MegaSun lightshow


Now Available at BestSunbeds ltd.

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