Megasun P9

megaSun P9 Features:

  • Matrix Lightshow – A series of beautiful LED lights creating a stunning display
  • Wireless phone charging – Who needs wires anyway?
  • Intelligent control system – Tailor your tanning experience
  • Easy Control – No confusion, no fuss – just tan
  • Glass facial system – Optimised facial tanning system
  • Beauty booster – Collagen light
  • X-tra tan – Improved tanning reach for the shoulder area thanks to modern high pressure systems with glass filters and reflectors
  • 4 loadouts to choose from: hybridSun, smartSun, beautySun, and extraSun (All designed to deliver a different tanning experience)
  • Air conditioning – Supreme comfort
  • Aqua cool – Feeling warm? No problem.
  • Aroma – Who doesn’t love a beautiful scent during their tanning session?
  • Sound System – Relax with your favourite tunes
  • Bluetooth – Connect your device via bluetooth
  • Mega Voice – A clear and helpful voice guide

A woman showcases the megaSun p9
That’s not something you see every day

This bed will be available at Best Sunbeds LTD on a special offer in the near future – Stay tuned!
Exciting Stuff or what?

Launched at FIBO 2019, it is the world’s first sunbed with “Porsche DNA” as megasun have teamed up with Studio F.A. to design it.

Specifications available: Click to enlarge

Studio F.A.

As you may or may not know, Studio F.A. are responsible for “Porsche Design” A premium design studio producing quality, high end products. They have their own clothing line, they’ve produced a luxury yacht, designed interior spaces, and now they have developed the world’s sleekest looking sunbed.

The Megasun P9

So it’s designed by Porsche’s studio F.A, but have they truly appealed to the target audience? Judging by the features of this stunning bed, we’d say yes, they absolutely have.

What’s not to love about wireless phone charging? Not only can you listen to your favourite songs, you can also charge up your phone whilst doing so. Let your clients leave the salon feeling recharged!

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Available on offer soon!

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