Natural Carotene Gels

Introducing you to the Natural Carotene Gels from “Magical Sun’s” Natural Series.

Gold carrot gels are designed for people seeking an immediate, deep and dark tan. Even people with hypoallergenic, difficult to tan skin can now achieve stunning results. Carefully selected natural ingredients nourish your skin, and have a very light and easily absorbing consistency. As well as soothing ingredients, they are infused with walnut oil extracts and pure B-carotene . They are suitable for all skin types.
These products can also be used for natural sun exposure, as long as you apply SPF protection.
With the Natural Carotene Gels from Magical Sun, you are guaranteed a satisfying tan.

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Natural carotene gels from Magical Sun.

Find these products here: Carotene Gels
(Green not yet available on the website)

Our clients are particularly fond of these natural products, and their customers love them too. They’re gentle on the skin, they contain natural ingredients and they come in a convenient little pot. Not to mention they smell gorgeous!

Interested in the Natural Series? Here’s an article about the “Two-phase Tanning Oils” also available from Magical Sun: Two-phase Tanning Oils

Natural Carotene Gels
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