rental sunbeds

Rental sunbeds

Rental sunbeds Options at Best Sunbeds LTD

Are you thinking of renting a sunbed for your existing or new business? Look no further – at Best Sunbeds LTD we have a fantastic range of machines. 

Are you hoping to open a sunbed salon or add a sunbed to your existing business? Are you worried that it might not take off? Are you struggling with a deposit to purchase the sunbed?

At Best Sunbeds we came up with a rental agreement which is an alternative to our purchase or lease-purchase agreement.

The rental contract is for a minimum of 12 months. We deliver and install the machine for you as well as maintain the equipment throughout the renal period.

The sunbed will arrive with a full set of brand new 0.3 compliant tubes and even better the tube change after 600 hours is also included in the rental. There are no extra or hidden costs.

We understand that having a great brand behind your salon can make the world of difference, therefore all of our rental models are either Ergoline or MegaSun. Our rental models have been fully upgraded and refurbished to fit with the modern aesthetic. All of our beds are white with grey accents and colour changing LED lights which light up any salon. Also for the first time we have also included a brand new stand up sunbed – the beautiful Fanatic Eminence.

Like what you see? Get in touch with our team for the price list & availability. Drop us an email to or give us a call on 01865718485. We would love to hear from you!

Our options:

MegaSun 4000 – White + Light Show – Powerful, striking, distinctive in character – experience the unique spirit of the megaSun 4000


Body Lamps: 40 x 160W

Face Lamps: 3 x 400W

Power consumption: 10.5 kW

Single Phase conversion possible

Rental sunbeds

Ergoline 500 Evolution – White + Light Show – Experience the stylish design and exclusive feel of the Ergoline 500 Evolution. 


Body Lamps: 43 x 160W

Face Lamps: 3 x 500W

Power consumption: 12.5 kW

Single Phase conversion possible

Rental sunbeds

Ergoline – Soltron XL70 High Comfort – White + Light Show – Relax and unwind with the Ergoline Soltron XL70 High Comfort.


Body Lamps: 50 x 160W

Face Lamps: 4 x 520W Ultra

Shoulder Tanners: 7 x 25W

Reflector Neck Tanners

Power consumption: 15 kW

Rental sunbeds

Rental sunbeds: MegaSun 6000 – White + Light Show – The megaSun 6000 perfectly combines powerful and enjoyable tanning, delivering beautiful and bronzed results every time.


Body Lamps: 48 x 160W

Face Lamps: 4 x 500W

Power consumption: 12.1 kW

Single Phase conversion possible

Rental sunbeds

Brand New Fanatic Eminence – 46 premium tanning tubes inside this stunning Fanatic Eminence will ensure that your customers will get a beautiful and even tan.


Body Lamps: 46 x 180W (190cm)

Body Ventilation 

MP3 / AUX Music connection

Electronic Ballasts 

LED Exterior

Power consumption: 9 kW

Single Phase Conversion Possible

Rental sunbeds

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