Safe tanning

Choose a tanning cosmetic which is right for your skin!
Before you start your tanning adventure, it is important to know your skin type in order to take care of your tan safely and optimally.
Where does all this fuss about the phototype come from? Well, it is up to the phototype to decide how much time you can safely sunbathe for. The phototype also determines what kind of opacity we will receive as also helps to decide which type of tanning lotion you should use.

First of all, you should remember that the types of skin are divided, which is based on the reaction of the skin to UV radiation during the first 30 minutes of exposure. The more the skin reacts to UV light, the higher its type.

Phototype I – Celtic

Skin: pale, even white complexion, numerous freckles on face and body.

Hair: very light blonde or red hair.

Eyes: light blue or green.

Such people should be very careful when tanning. The reason is the lack of skin pigmentation, independent of the tanning length. Sunbathing for this skin type is a difficult process, therefore cosmetics accelerating tanning for sensitive skin and the use of delicate bronzers are recommended.

Accelerator tanning lotion for skin type I, safer tanning is guaranteed
Safe tanning

Phototype II – Northern European

Skin: light complexion, freckles may be present.

Hair: light or dark blonde and dark red hair.

Eyes: blue, green or grey.

Unfortunately, this type of skin also does not promote tanning, a small dose of radiation can provoke redness of the skin, while a larger one – its burn. We recommend using the solarium carefully, with a skin response to tanning – a method of frequent and short tanning sessions. However, it is necessary to prepare that it will be a time-consuming process. The first session of tanning should not exceed 5-8 minutes, while the sunbathing time should be inversely proportional to the power of the device. We recommend to use gentle tanning accelerators, bronzers and after-tanning cosmetics.

Safe tanning
After tan lotion to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy

Phototype III – Central European

Skin: olive type of skin, sometimes freckles appear.

Hair: dark blonde or brown.

Eyes: brown, hazel, grey or blue.

People with this skin type get a tan quite easily. The use of the solarium is possible without major restrictions – and the first tanning session should not exceed 8 minutes. People with this phototype can easily use all cosmetics such as bronzers – including those that warm up , such as tingle lotions.

Strong bronzer for skin type III
Tingle lotion for skin type III

Phototype IV – Southern European

Skin: dark olive complexion, beauty spots/moles may be present.

Hair: very dark blonde, brown or black.

Eyes: hazel or dark brown.

Use of the solarium without limits! The only danger may be drying out the skin and consequently premature aging – that’s why these people mustn’t forget to take care of the skin with its rich composition and wide range of effects. Therefore “Collagen Accelerators” are enriched with a mix of oils which fills, plumps and reduces wrinkles, so skin looks and feel more youthful. Collagen slows the rate of water loss from the skin and helps keep the skin supple.

Collagen accelerator for safer tanning
collagen in love tube (tanning lotion)

Read more about the appropriate selection of tanning products in the solarium depending on your phototype:

For people who have never tanned in a solarium or have not tanned for several months or do not like using bronzers.

For people who tan on a fairly regular basis and maintain the skin at an average tan level.

People who tan regularly and maintain their tan at a high level.

Tanned person, who regularly use the solarium, wanting to cross individual tanning barriers.

For all those who tan in the solarium and in the sun.

Diagram representing phototype

Skin types- safer tanning when you know what type of skin you have.

To keep your skin in better condition, you need to moisturize it regularly as the radiation from the lamps can dry it out additionally. Moisturized skin will also look nicer and smoother. Once or two times a week it’s worth to do a body peeling that will remove dead skin, smooth the skin and make your next tanning session more durable.

Active ingredients in tanning lotions will help in improving the condition of your skin during your tanning session.

Hemp Seed Oil: Nourishes and moisturises your skin leaving it smooth and flawless.
Anti-Aging: These lotions contain added vitamins help combat ageing skin.
Shimmer: These lotions contain glimmering additives to give your skin reflective properties for added glow.
Caffeine: Caffeine reduces puffiness and will also energise your skin.
Silicon: A moisturising mineral that will help condition skin.
Beta Carotene: AKA Vitamin A. It enhances pigment colouration in your skin.
DHA: A chemical ingredient that produces a brown colour when it comes into contact with skin. The higher the DHA, the darker the tan.
Vitamin E: Makes skin softer and will also reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles.
Aloe Vera: Soothes and calms the skin.
Coconut Oil: Hydrates the skin to make it silky smooth.

Safe tanning

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