Sunbeds Maintenance

When investing in commercial tanning equipment such as sunbeds, we want to ensure the lifetime of our machines is as long as possible. In order to keep our equipment in a healthy condition, we need to stay on top of our sunbeds maintenance.

In this blog, we will go through your maintenance step by step, so you can rest assured knowing you are doing all you can to limit unnecessary service costs. Now take your cup of tea, grab a note pad to save any information for later.

Clean Filters – The Key in Sunbeds Maintenance

Despite the fact this may sound pretty simple, we found this is very often overlooked. Sunbed cleaning should not only end on cleaning the acrylics. Of course cleaning all outside components is just as important, but we should also take extra care of the inside of our sunbed.

Filters quantities and placement will vary depending on make, model and specification of the sunbed. In this article we will cover all main and most important filters that should be regularly checked and deep cleaned.

Canopy Filters

Canopy Filters

These are based on the back of your sunbed’s canopy. Typically they are foam filters. Not regular and incorrect maintenance of this sunbed filter can cause overheating. To clean them, you can simply pull them out and give them a good hoover. Once that is done you can slide them back in. We also recommend to replace them for new ones once in a while. You will know exactly when they need replacement, as they will start to crumble.

Bottom Filters

Sunbeds maintenance

This filters will catch all dust and dirt coming into your machine. To ensure your machine gets enough airflow you need to clean them regularly. Not regular maintenance of these filters will also cause sunbed overheating. These filters can be found at the bottom inside the machine. They look like square shaped metal grills. You can either hover them or clean them with water with soap. Always make sure all filters are fully dry before fitting them back in.

Air-con filters

Air-con Filters – Ergoline

This applies only to ergoline sunbeds. Every air-conditioning unit will have 2 filters. Again, they look like metal grills. One of them is square shaped. The other rectangular. These two filters will stop dust and dirt getting into the air-con unit. If it was not for those filters, there are high chances the dust would block the unit causing it to overheat, and eventually blow. You can take care of these filters the same way as you would with your bottom filters.

canopy filters

Front Canopy Filters – megaSun

We found these are the most overlooked filters by megaSun sunbed owners. In order to find these filters, you will need to undo your top canopy acrylics. By cleaning this filters irregularly, we are not allowing enough airflow in the canopy of the machine.

Shoulder Tanner Grill – Ergoline

sunbed maintenance

This applies only to bigger ergoline units like Esprit or Prestige models for example. The grill is placed behind shoulder tanners. Make sure they are also hoovered regularly.

In conclusion

Irregular maintenance of your sunbed’s components can cause malfunctions in your unit. We very often find incorrect care will cause faults and error codes like for example: E057, E039, E040, E041 and others.

We understand business owners can be very busy. Especially in peak times. Therefore, if you need help with your sunbed maintenance, you can simply give us a call on 01865 718485. We have a experienced sunbeds maintenance team and we are keen to help. You can also book a full sunbed clean service with us. We can guarantee a cost of sunbed clean will be much more cost efficient, than a repair service!

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      Hi Nicola, thank you for your comment. This is definitely something we can help with. Please send us an email over to and our service team will be able to assist further. All the best, Best Sunbeds Team.

  • 18th January 2023 at 5:54 pm
    Permalink hi my stand up sunbed as gone off I used it and when I got off it and unplugged it it whent with a bit of a bang now there only one side of the sunbed tubes working the other side not lasting up can you help

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      Hi Ruth, Thank you for your comment. Please get in touch with Julita on 07982620396. She will be able to help! All the best, Best Sunbeds Team


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