Sunbeds VS Fake Tans

We frequently see people favouring one or the other. The vast majority of our clients prefer sunbeds of course. Why do people choose one over the other? Find out more about sunbeds vs fake tans here.

Tanning beds (Commercial Sunbeds)

Seeing as you’ve found your way to Best Sunbeds, we’re sure you know a thing or two when it comes to tanning. If not, you’ve come to the right place.
Tanning beds are great, they make you look and feel wonderful. The first tanning bed was introduced in the United States in 1979, since then, the world has grown to love them. This is very apparent in northern European countries with limited access to sunlight, as tanners can replicate the effects of the Mediterranean sun.

Tanning beds give you a glow that lasts a long time, and you can quickly figure out a personal tanning routine. A large reason people use these beds is that the tan produced looks very natural (They use UV light of course) This means your skin has developed a genuine tan, and it shows! With sunbeds you also have more control over the output of UV light, meaning you can get the look you desire. There’s not much preparation involved (see our tanning guide article)

Fake Tanning – Are there any benefits?

Like sunbeds, spray/fake tans are still extremely popular. Unlike sunbeds, the results aren’t usually as natural looking. Then again, how often does a fake compare to the real thing?
Saying that, there are still of course numerous benefits of fake tanning.

Spray Tans

Spray tans are applied over the body evenly, however sometimes the spray may gather in rougher areas such as the ankles, knees, elbows e.t.c. This can often produce that classic orange effect, leaving you looking like this guy!

Sunbeds VS Fake Tans

Okay, maybe with better hair.
Spray tanning, if done professionally can still look very convincing, and many people swear by it.


Spray tans are immediate. You don’t need to purchase a tanning package and try to fit in your minutes with your already busy life. Simply walk out of the salon and you’re already tanned. The colour of the spray tan can also be matched with your skin tone, to give you the look you want.
Those who are sensitive to UV light can also enjoy the benefits of spray tans, without risking harm on a sunbed.


Spray tans don’t last as long as a sunbed tan.
Within around 5 to 10 days, the tan will have become much paler and in a couple weeks ,eventually fade altogether. For those who don’t mind going to the salon every couple weeks, this won’t be an issue.
Preparing for a spray tan is more of a hassle. You must be clean-shaven and avoid sweating/showering for around 8 hours beforehand. You’ll also have to apply the correct moisturising lotion from head to toe.

Fake tan mousse/lotion

An alternative to spray tans are lotions/mousses. These work in a very similar way to spray tans, with the obvious difference being self-application. Unlike spray tans, they are not instant and usually take around 2 hours to show results. This is due to the chemical compound “DHA” which is safe and natural. You can read all about it HERE
With self-applied products you need to read about the correct procedures online to guarantee the best results. Sunbeds will evenly tan, especially stand up sunbeds as you are surrounded by UV output.


  • For those wanting the most natural looking and long lasting tan, sunbeds are the best option.
  • For those who do not wish to use sunbeds for whatever reason (E.g. skin type 1) then fake tans may be a better option.
  • Remember that fake tans usually require more preparation, yet they are often quicker (Good for people in a rush). However they do not last as long.
  • If you aren’t in a rush for a wedding/holiday then sunbed courses will give you a more authentic and long lasting tan.
  • Using sunbeds enables you to visit a salon with trained beauty professionals who can advise you and recommend certain exposures.They can save your skin type on their records for the next time you visit.

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