Supertan – Celebration

An extremely attractive collection from Supertan – The celebration line.

A new addition to Best Sunbeds LTD, the Celebration line from Supertan is a line of 5 modern tanning and body care products. Designed for those who love a healthy and gorgeous-looking tan, that highlights the natural beauty of the skin. Supertan Celebration is an innovative combination of
moisturizing and anti-aging formulas, bronzing ingredients and
sensual fragrances.

Supertan - Celebration
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Featuring 5 products:

celebration tube 150ml

Celebration (activator)

The unique gel-like formula is instantly absorbed and provides your skin with the perfect tan. An ideal composition of active moisturizing ingredients ensures your skin will look attractive and have that youthful glow. Your smooth skin together with the fragrance of champagne. Play on the senses long after the tanning experience.
Available in 150ml and 15ml
Fragrance: Champagne

collagen in love tube

Collagen in love (Accelerator)

The active tan accelerating formula together with the power of rejuvenating collagen ensure a beautiful tan and velvety smooth skin. The light texture and an extraordinarily romantic fragrance will captivate you forever. It is also an
excellent way to care for your skin on a daily basis.
Available in 150ml and 15ml
Fragrance: Cotton Flower

forever tube

Forever (Intensifier)

The Forever tan intensifier will provide you with a quick tan and give your skin a youthful appearance.
The rich anti-aging formula and light texture are what makes Forever an excellent choice for daily care.
Available in 150ml and 15ml
Fragrance: Mango Lychee

beauty creation tube celebration line

Beauty Creation (Bronzer)

The Beauty Creation Bronzer will lend your skin that beautiful, golden tan. The natural blend of bronzing ingredients combined with Aloe Vera will ensure deep hydration and an attractive appearance. This unique product contains only natural bronzers.
Available in 150ml and 15ml
Fragrance: Paradise

Black star supertan bronzer elebration line

Black Star (Strong Bronzer)

This spectacular multi bronzer will provide a fast, golden brown tan and will make your skin look absolutely fabulous. Active nourishing ingredients and antioxidants will prolong the intensity of the tan, making it also longer-lasting, while you will look gorgeous!
Available in 150ml and 15ml
Fragrance: Tropical Fruits

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