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Get a sensational tan with the fun and extensive range of Supertan cosmetics. This particular range, the “Sensation” line offers high quality bronzers, accelerators, tingle creams and an after tan moisturiser.

All the products look professional and fun in their playful packaging. They mostly come in 200ml and 15ml varieties, and they all smell gorgeous.

supertan sensation

There are 11 products in the range.
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sugary vanilla sensation

Sugary Vanilla

Be dazzling and intriguing with the Sugary Vanilla tanning accelerator! It’s packed with strong moisturising aloe vera juice, which fantastically takes care of your skin. Tyrosine, which activates the process of colour formation in the skin, and hemp oil and cocoa butter, which strengthens and regenerates the skin after sunbathing. It will give you everything you need to radiate beauty.
Fragrance: Vanilla & Cotton Flower

frosted banana sensation

Frosted Banana

Out of love for skin, Supertan have developed an incredibly comfortable formula, full of tanning activators (tyrosine, copper and riboflavin) and strong hydration, nutrition and regeneration. Feel the gentle application and power of aloe vera, the smoothness of high dose of hemp oil, cocoa butter and safflower oil, and be impressed by the antioxidant effect of vitamin E.
Fragrance: Frosted Banana


Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Peaches & Coconut

Enjoy the WOW effect on your skin! A high dose of DHA, will quickly “paint” your body wonderfully golden brown, and tyrosine and copper will accelerate the appearance of a natural tan. At the same time, aloe vera in combination with vegetable proteins will surprise you with its effectiveness in water retention and full comfort. This all is crowned with safflower oil that will nourishes your skin and ensure velvety smoothness. The WOW effect is guaranteed!
Fragrance: Coconut & Pineapple

Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Choco Raspberry

Give your body a beautiful brown shade. Skillfully selected bronzers and tanning accelerators such as DHA, walnut shell extract, tyrosine and caramel combined in the right proportions will fulfill your desire for bronze skin. Nourishing shea butter and coconut oil will wonderfully regenerate and smooth the skin, and vitamin E will reduce damage. Discover the sweetness of tanning!
Fragrance: Raspberry Chocolate

Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Strawberry & Vanilla

Catch a strong, tropical holiday like tan. Spectacular results can be achieved with the power of bronzing ingredients that accelerate natural tanning, such as DHA, walnut shell extract, tyrosine and copper.
The formula is enriched with strong moisturisers such as aloe vera and vegetable proteins as well as effective protective ingredients such as hemp and safflower oil, vitamins C and E to provide the skin with extreme nourishment. Feel the sweet joy of a fabulous tan.
Fragrance: Strawberry & Vanilla

Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Pineapple & Mango

Discover the enjoyment of beautifully tanned, golden-dark, slightly
mysterious and extremely moisturised skin. DHA, walnut shell extract, beta-carotene, erythrulose, tyrosine and copper will provide you with the power of bronzing and tanning activation. Precious skin care ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E and caffeine will keep your skin wonderfully moisturised and soft. Enjoy a gorgeous body without limit.
Fragrance: Pineapple and mango


Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Dark Sauna

Fulfil your dream of a dark tan. All this is due to 20 effective ingredients that strengthen and deepen the brown tone of your skin (including DHA, extract of walnut shells, erythrulose, henna, caramel, tyrosine) and the presence of a component that enhances the feeling of warmth and circulation, which intensifies the tanning effects. The use of vitamin E, lycopene, macadamia nut oil guarantees wonderfully smooth, firm, moisturised, soft skin protected against free radicals.
Fragrance: Milk and Coffee

Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Tropical Fruit

Feel the power of tanning and be amazed by the deep brown colour of your skin provided by a mixture of bronzers and tanning accelerators (DHA, beta-carotene, tyrosine) with a tingle component – a strong warming circulatory stimulant, thanks to which bronze is even deeper and more intense. Combined with caffeine, a complex of regenerating, moisturising and nourishing oils (Jojoba and Kukui) and a firming Tropical Fruits collagen it takes care of the beautiful appearance and perfect form of your body comprehensively and effectively.
Fragrance: Tropical Fruit

Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

Papaya & Pomegranate

Phenomenally rapid this tingle bronzer that deepens the shade of the tan. This is due to warming ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin, which have been added to strong bronzers and accelerator ingredients, such as DHA, beta carotene and tyrosine. All this is accompanied by wonderful oils (Kukui, safflower and Jojoba) and aloe vera so that your body is always well cared for, moisturised, firm and soft.
Fragrance: Papaya & Pomegranate

After Tan Moisturiser

Supertan - Sensation Cosmetics

After Tan Moisturiser

Impress everyone with your skin in such a great condition that you will not be able to tear your eyes off it. Fulfil your desire for a perfectly smooth, firm, and ideally moisturised body. We chose aloe vera juice, shea and cocoa butter, hemp oil, green tea, B group vitamins to improve skin function, help retain water and enhance the epidermis. Enjoy the power of caffeine, which supports microcirculation and reduces cellulite for a perfect smoothness.
Fragrance: Creamy Vanilla

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