Tan Tips – 10 top tips to get back your desired tan after lockdown

We all can agree, that lock-down did not do any favors to anyone and anything. Including our tan and Vitamin D levels! That is why we have prepared 10 Top Tan Tips for you. Our tan tips will ensure you can get your perfect, desired tan. Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, so you can feel confident in your tanned body again.
Let’s go!

Tan Tip 1

Tan tip - use good quality lamps

Tanning lamps really DO matter! This is sometimes overlooked by both, salon owners and clients. Intensity and exposure of your body to the UV rays also depend on number of lamps and their age. The more the lamps = the more exposure = the better tan.
Useful-time for lamps is typically 600-800 hours. It means in this period the lamp produces 70% or more of the rays. Therefore, if you are a salon owner, it is very important to keep track on lamps usage (our innovative management system can help you with that), and re-tube your sunbeds when it is needed. This will ensure your clients will always get amazing tanning results. If you are a client, always make sure to ask which which sunbed has he most lamps, and which sunbed have been re-tubed most recently. We definitely recommend Fanatic Tanning tubes.

Tan Tip 2

Always use tanning lotion, that is right for your skin type! We know this step feels like ‘never ending story’. However, using the right tanning lotion will massively speed up your tanning process. It will also keep you skin smooth, and in great condition. Remember to moisturise regularly (minimum twice a day). To get a darker natural glow quicker, you can use tanning accelerators that contain bronzer. To find out more about Tanning cosmetics importance you can head to our previous blog – Why it’s crucial to use the right lotion when indoor tanning.

Tan Tip 3

Do not shower for at least two hours after your tanning session. Sounds weird? Well… let me explain! Most of tanning cosmetics (including Tan Desire, Soleo, SuperTan, Magical Sun) contain ingredients that will help you enhance a beautiful natural glow. Do not be afraid of using accelerators or bronzers. Those cosmetics will boost your melanin production, they do NOT contain fake tan, therefore you do not have to worry about any streaks. The cosmetics are still working a couple of hours after your session. Therefore, you should avoid tanning straight after.

Tan Tip 4

Keep on moving your position on the sunbed. There is nothing worse than getting uneven tan. It takes a lot of work to fix untanned patched, therefore your position on the sunbed is very important. The most popular way to tan is by laying on your back. If you do that, then make sure you put your hands up once in a while, this will help you get even tan on the sides.

Ensure you are not touching your body. Bending your knees and putting the legs weight on your heels will help your feet have better exposure to UV rays. Having uneven tan on New Year’s Eve in your favourite heels is not very ideal!
To get even tan very easily, try lying on your stomach instead if it’s comfortable for you. You can use your hands as a pillow. This position will ensure you can get even tan on your wrists, elbows and your sides. You can switch to that position in the middle of you tanning session.

Tan Tip 5

Tan Tips - 10 top tips to get back your desired tan after lockdown

Choosing food that accelerate tanning or/and using tanning supplements will definitely help you achieve your ideal tan result much more quicker. This, combined with a good tanning lotion will maximise your results, as you will be helping your body from both – the inside and the outside. Some of the foods that will accelerate tanning are: carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, eggs, lemons, melons and whole grains foods.

Tan Tip 6, 7 and 8

Exfoliating, removing hair and ANY kind of makeup. This tan tips may sound simple, but sometimes gets overlooked too! Make sure you always exfoliate and remove your hair at least 12-24 hours before you tanning session. This is because your skin is still very sensitive. Getting red rashes is definitely not what we want. Removing all makeup (including any deodorants, perfumes, face makeup) will help you get even tan. The UV light will also penetrate your skin quicker, as there will be no extra layers to go through. Therefore, you can achieve your tan much quicker. For more information about this you can head to our previous blog – Tanning benefits and how to prepare for indoor tanning session.

Tan Tip 9

Some sunbeds tubes are different to others, therefore can give you different benefits. Occasionally use of vertical stand up sunbed can be a good option too. The intensity of the lamps in most stand up sunbeds is greater. Therefore generally a stand up bed will tan you faster. Swapping your tanning beds will provide you with your desired natural glow in a very quick time!

Tan tip 10

As simple as it is – frequent tanning sessions. Just after your first tanning sessions you will definitely see the results, however, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks of frequent sessions (3-4 times a week) to develop your tan.

We hope you found this Tan Tips helpful. If you need any advice, or you have any questions, feel free to call us on: 01865 718485. Alternatively, you can reach us at enquiries@bestsunbeds.co.uk, info@bestsunbeds.co.uk or sales@bestsunbeds.co.uk. We wish you luck in getting your perfect festive tan!

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