Tanning Benefits and how to prepare for safe indoor tanning session

Whether you are a salon owner, or just an individual thinking about starting your tanning journey… this article is for you! Today we will explain tanning benefits of using sunbeds.

Tanning benefits

Tanning benefits are very underrated. A lot of people are not aware, how tanning sessions can improve their health. Winter season is now approaching. Many salon owners are preparing for ‘quiet days’. Many believe ‘the season has ended’. It does not have to be that way! Indoor tanning is even more beneficial in colder seasons. Especially now, we believe that people in this industry, including salon owners should spread the awareness and promote those benefits.

Tanning benefits

Benefits of using sunbeds, do not stop at improved appearance, therefore enhanced mood. The most important benefit is increased levels of Vitamin D. This vitamin play a huge part in human organism. According to National Surveys in the UK, approximately 1 in 5 people have low Vitamin D levels. Your organism is not able to produce the needed intake of vitamin D by its self. Tanning session is a great opportunity to top it up! Especially in cold seasons, when sunshine appears very rarely.

Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium in our body. Therefore it results in stronger and healthier bones, joints and teeth. Tanning session will also make your muscles more flexible and will ease the stiffness. This works as pain relief of rheumatism and muscular pain. Tanning also stimulates production of white blood cells, that fights bacteria and viruses! We have previously talked about this in our previous blog – UV light a weapon to diminish the viruses.
Using tanning beds will also increase your energy levels. Don’t we all need this in autumn/winter season?

How to prepare for a safe tanning session?

Are you starting your tanning journey? Or maybe you are a regular user? Either way, it is crucial to follow instructions given by staff of tanning salon. Below you can see the main factors, that can affect in better, healthier and safer tanning results:

  • Always start with less minutes, and gradually build your tanning session time. The beginners time will vary depending on the strength of the sunbed and tubes. Therefore, you should always follow staff instructions to avoid burning.
  • Take off your make-up/deodorant/perfumes before tanning session. This is because those types of cosmetics can block your pores. This means it may be more difficult for UV light to absorb to your skin.
  • Always use good quality tanning lotion, that is designed for your skin type! To find out your skin type, and tanning lotion you should use, please reference to our previous blog – Cosmetics – why it’s crucial to use the right lotion when indoor tanning.
  • Never forget about tanning protective googles! Let us know in the comments if you would like a full blog about why wearing tanning googles are necessity.

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