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You can kick-start your tanning shop business with our best tips! Whether you own an existing tanning salon, or you recently started your tanning business journey; this blog is for you!

If you already own a tanning shop business, you know how profitable it can become. Of course if it is looked after well. However, we always say; no matter how well your business does, it can always do even better, and there is always space for improvement. Here at Best Sunbeds we have years of experience within the industry, therefore we are confident we can help you achieve results you want to see. We have come up with a few key factors that will ensure your clients always leave your salon satisfied. We have also come up with key things you need to look out for to stay on top of your business.

Tip 1 – Trained, polite and knowledgeable staff is a key to your tanning shop success

Tanning business advice

It is crucial that you and your staff have full knowledge of the tanning process. You should train/re-train your new and existing employees regularly. Your staff and their knowledge represents your company and your company’s standard. Everyone working is your salons should have strong customer service skills, but also should be able to identify your client’s skin type with ease in order to advise them on tanning minutes, eye protection and the best tanning lotion for their needs. A client leaving your salon with beautiful glowing tan is rather better advertisement for you, than a client leaving with a red face!

Tip 2 – Keep your tanning shop business modern

Just like with everything else; certainly tanning technology is going forward. From sunbeds and tanning lamps to tanning lotions and accessories. It is very important for you to stay on top of the latest products and trends. We are in a very competitive market, therefore you need to make sure you are offering your clients the best experience possible. The good news is; with the current technology you can upgrade your sunbeds in a very cost effective way by simply replacing your standard tanning lamps with hybrid or rainbow lamps. Our current best sellers are the latest technology tanning lamps by Fanatic.

Tip 3 – Boost your profit

You should always encourage your staff to explain the importance of a tanning lotion to your clients. As you probably already know; dry skin bounces off UV light. This means your skin starts to tan after 6 minutes without a lotion. However, it only takes 30 seconds for UV light to penetrate moisturized skin (you can read about many other tanning lotion benefits here). Promoting use of tanning lotions in your salon, will not only maximize your client’s tan potential, but it will also maximize your profit! Here at Best Sunbeds, we offer a wide range of the latest and tested tanning lotions range, with a mark up of 80-100%.

Test new products, and keep your clients excited by bringing in new products. Our skin gets used to skin care ingredients when used regularly, therefore the product used may become less effective over time. Having a wide range of tanning lotions can help your clients break the tanning plateau and will help them get deeper and darker tan.

Tip 4 – Surprise your clients with new deals and offers

Sounds simple right? Although it may be a pretty obvious tip, you should always create your offers with strategy. Plan your offers based on your performance. Are you trying to push cream sales? Maybe a free cream with a course bought will encourage your clients to use it regularly! Are you trying to introduce new clients to your salon? Why not offer extra free minutes to your clients and their friend if they introduce someone new who never visited you before?

Tip 5 – Keep your salon clean

Again, this is very obvious. However, surprisingly many salon owners let it slip after a while. Moreover, creating clean and safe environment for your clientele is a must. It will make your clients feel comfortable in your tanning shop. Always ensure you use the right products to clean your equipment.

Tip 6 – Cashflow forecast

This is very often overlooked by many salon owners. Building your cash flow forecast will allow you to track expected cash movements. Moreover, it will help you to identify your break even point, therefore will allow you to easily identify how much sales you need to make in order to reach your ideal profit. It will help you set achievable and realistic goals for your business. In addition, an accurate cash flow forecast, will allow you to plan future sunbed upgrades and moves with ease. To clarify, you should update your cashflow forecast regularly, as over time your expenses and outgoings may change.

To wrap it all up, ask yourself;

  • Why should the client visit my salon?
  • What can I offer to my clients that no one else in the area can?
  • What else can I do to set myself apart from the competition?
  • Is there anything else I can do to improve my client’s experience?

Lastly, we are here to help you every step of the way. If you are seeking professional tanning business advice, make sure you contact us!
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