Sunshine indoors or outdoors

Since Coco Chanel made sun-kissed skin a must have summer accessory, there is definitely no shortage of sun-worshipers. For some, a visit to your local tanning salon is seen as necessary maintenance; while others will never be seen in such establishments, as they subscribe to the view that sun is harmful. Everyone wants to achieve the healthy summer glow, and even despite the fact that dermatologists heavily emphasise that exposure is harmful; it still does not put some people off.

So what’s the better option – indoor tanning or natural sun shine? 

Outdoor tanning is very different to sunbed exposure. When using sunbeds, you are enjoying sunbathing in a controlled environment. You can only buy a certain amount of minutes, at a certain amount of UV strength. It can be seen as easier to achieve the desired result. However, tanning outside can be seen as more ‘natural’ of the two. A sunny stroll in Spring time at noon, delivers the optimal amount of Vitamin D and mood boosting hormones. Yet, it is important to state that both can be harmful when used mindlessly. 

Whether you are tanning inside or outside – make sure you are using different products to get the most out of your session.

A fun-filled beach day, calls for a good SPF product which will allow you to sunbathe a little longer, without the sun causing damage to your skin. Before you have a good base tan, it is recommended you go in with high SPF factor. Sunbeds offer a slightly different experience. There are wide ranges of products available which allow us to get darker, quicker. A good tanning salon should always tailor the cosmetic to your skin and your (realistic) tanning goals. After-sun products go hand in hand with indoor and outdoor tanning alike. Always remember to moisturize and soothe your skin. By doing so you will prolong your golden tan. 

All sun exposure- natural or artificial has to be adequately timed. 

When you visits a tanning salon, the UV exposure is timed in minutes. A reputable salon will advise you on how many minutes you should go in for. Whilst you are enjoying a glorious beach day, the lines of adequate exposure to your skin type can be blurred; as the majority of us what to soak it all in. However, in both cases, always remember to use your judgement – prevention is better then cure!

Sunbeds might not be suitable for everyone

Young adults and children under 18 years of age, are banned in the U.K. from using sunbed salons. Scientists have proven a link between overexposure to sun at a young age, and melanoma in later life. Also, people with very fair skin tones, should also use sunbeds with caution. 

Tanning and sun worshiping is popular because it makes us feel and look good. But always remember that doing it gradually, whether inside or outside is the safest way to go.


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