Best Sunbeds guide to indoor tanning products

Bronzers, accelerators, tinglers, tanning oils and a shelf­full of other lotions and potions… It is enough to make your head spin. How do you pick the best one for your skin type? What are the key differences between them all? At Best Sunbeds we have come up with a comprehensive guide to indoor tanning lotions which will help you choose the best product for you and your customers.


Bronzers are sunbed creams which contain natural ingredients which when on application provide an instant injection of colour to the skin. The UV radiation from the sunbed tubes helps to develop a beautifully bronzed glow in half of the time. Bronzers are suitable for all skin types.

At Best Sunbeds we love:

Peau D’Or Infinite Black­ This bronzer is packed with SmashGold Bronzer complex for a fast, bronze­gold looking result. The melanin boost complex improves long term results by speeding up the natural tanning process.

Tahnee Black Curves­ The ultimate tanning lotion to make you feel super sexy! The instant release bronzers combined with anti­cellulite firming peptides will make your skin feel tight and amazing!

Tanning Accelerators:

Tanning accelerators work by stimulating the production of melanin in your skin cells. The more melanin your body produces the darker your skin will get. Most accelerators available on the market are packed with skin­loving ingredients such as Q10 complex, Omega 3­6, shea butter and aloe vera. They help to protect your skin and assist the tanning process. These types of cosmetics work particularly well with intensely bronzing sunbed tubes.

At Best Sunbeds we love:

Peau D’Or Original Black­ The most beautiful short cut to your tanning destination! This no fuss blend helps you attain a more beautiful tan in half of the time!

PowerTan Maxx Black­ A deliciously dark, super tanning formula designed for those who do not like to compromise. This accelerator is a light years ahead of its competition with a perfect balance of tanning accelerators and a blend of Q10, Aloe Vera and super anti­oxidants.

Tingle Lotions:

Tingle lotions will make your skin feel hot and give you a pleasant tingle feeling! It is a product

recommended for advanced tanners only, as they enable you to see and feel the tan developing

immediately. The warming and stimulating ingredients of tingle lotions stimulate the circulation of blood and oxygen supply to the skin which intensively speeds up the tanning process. Tingle lotions are particularly useful if you would like to gain a deeper tan when your tan has stopped at one colour. However please note that tingle lotions are not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

After using the lotion a slight redness will occur.

At Best Sunbeds we love:

PowerTan Dark Start Hot­ A light and fast absorbing tingle tanning lotion. Formulated specifically for the advanced tanner. Dark start hot I packed with L­Tyrosine for faster tanning results, while vitamin B5 deeply moisturises your skin.

PowerTan Cherry Onyx­ A maximum hot tingle formulation fortified with natural bronzers. The cherry chocolate fragrance will leave you looking and smelling delicious.

Tanning oils:

Tanning oils are specifically designed to deeply nourish and moisturise your skin while you expose yourself to UV radiation. They are often mixed with a generous amount of bronzers allowing you to achieve a deeper tan on the parts of the body which tend to tan slower such as legs. The formula of indoor tanning oil is usually a lot lighter when compared with lotions and creams so it is particularly goof for people who suffer from oily skin which is prone to breakouts.

After sun care:

Last but not least it is important to deeply nourish your skin after your tanning session. The moisturising lotions specifically designed for indoor tanning prolong your tan and intensely smooth the skin.

At Best Sunbeds we love:

Tahnee Extandit Moisturiser­ This moisturiser takes your tan to the next level. The Xtreme Moist complex leaves your skin intensely nourished and glowing while it also helps to extend your tan.

The Q10 coenzyme anti ages your skin and protects against UV damage.


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