Vitamin D Facts & Myths

Outlining the benefits of Vitamin D. 

As winter draws closer and closer, a lot of people are not only concerned with their tans fading but also with vitamin D production. The United Kingdom is one of the most vitamin D deficient countries in Europe.

What is vitamin D? Vitamin D impacts your mood, your skin, bones and calcium production as well as the natural healing processes which occur in your body. Vitamin D is much different to all other vitamins; your body produces it naturally when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Getting abundance of vitamin D does not depend on the foods you eat. Only a very small proportion of vitamin D is absorbed through our food.

 As the benefits of vitamin D are still often confused, at Best Sunbeds LTD we have put together a guide of facts and myths associated with the sunshine vitamin.

Myth: Getting a lot of sun exposure on holidays and at the weekend produces enough vitamin D. It is important to get consistent sun exposure every day. 15-30 minutes in the gentle midday sun is better, instead of catching up on hours of unprotected exposure.

Myth: We get enough vitamin D from our food. Unlike other vitamins (e.g. Vit. C, B, E) vitamin D does not absorb well when it is ingested. Our bodies produce the vitamin when we are exposed to sunlight.

Myth: You can produce Vitamin D through sunlight that passes through the window. Things such as glass windows, air pollution, clouds all block the rays from the sun and partially stop the production of vitamin D in your skin.

Myth: It is possible to make Vitamin D from the sun all year round. In northern regions including the UK the angle of the sun during the winter does not allow vitamin D production. It is important to supplement your exposure during the time of the year.

Vitamin D Fact: Vitamin D production is most effective at midday. Try to get sun exposure between 10.00 and 12.00 to stimulate vitamin D production. Remember, if your shadow is shorter than you are tall, you are making vitamin D from the sun.

Vitamin D Fact: You do not need to burn your skin in order to get enough vitamin D from the sun. It is possible to produce enough vitamin D for the day in just 10 minutes. Going slightly pink or god forbid red is too much!

Fact: Sunshine is the best and most natural way to get the vitamin D that you need. The safest way to get vitamin D is by sensible and safe sun exposure. Only in situations where this is impossible should you seek alternatives. 


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