Dark Zone Bronzer

Introducing the Dark Zone Bronzer from Magical Sun – Part of the classic series.

An essential line of products to suit all salons.

 “Dark Zone Bronzer”

This unique formula of this 50x ultra-bronzer is perfect if you seek to beat your tanning plateau without having to use lotions with tingle and hot complex. The consistency of the lotion is light and very absorbent. The bronzer is packed with aloe vera, agave extracts and camomile. 

The blend of guarana, caffeine, canbabis sativa and argan oil ensure that the skin appears firmer and healthier. The blend of photo-tan extracts, henna and DHA will allow you to develop an ultra-dark tan

Vol. 12ml / 150ml

Trade Price :

12ml – £0.62+£0.12 VAT

150ml – £5.00+£1.00 VAT

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