megaSun K7 Series

MegaSun K7 is the newest addition to sunbeds industry. Technology is going forward and sunbed manufacturers are always working on improvements to provide equipment that stands out and provides the best tanning experience possible.

This year megaSun has surprised many individuals in the industry, by revealing their newest K7 series. If you think that the design of megaSun P9 is something out of space, wait until you see their K7 series!

megaSun K7 and it’s design:

The sunbed comes with light art panel. You can change the design and motifs to your desire. K7 also comes in a very innovative and unique square shape! This is such a rare design. If you are thinking about upgrading your sunbed, this model will definitely help you stand out from your competition. The infinity mirror and LED lightning is doing a great job in emphasizing the stunning details of the machine.

megaSun K7
megaSun K7

What else can you expect from megaSun K7?

The sunbed comes with 46 body lamps and 4 facial tanners. Sounds standard? Don’t worry. This is only the beginning!

Beauty Booster Pro

Over 2000 red Beauty LEDs takes skin care to the next level. Thee are distributed over the entire body. Velvety and soft skin effect was never easier to achieve.

Air Breeze-Face and air breeze-body

MegaSun sets a new standard for improved ventilation. The sunbed offers separately adjustable breeze and cooling system.

Smart Control

The sunbed come with 10″ outside touch screen control panel which allow to set your ideal settings with ease prior to your tanning session. That way you can fully relax. You can of course change any setting during the tanning session too by using 7″ internal touch screen control panel.


The newly developed 3D sound bar ensures your favorite music is played with crystal clear notes. The sunbed also comes with bluetooth. You can now customize your session to the fullest.

Pure and sunsphere facials and simsphere shoulder tanners

The facial tanners come with specially coated filter discs. The perfect spectral combination for face and décolleté homogeneously distributed via aspherical glass lenses. Shoulder tanning area will be taken care of by high-performance LEDs and aspherical glass lenses with a spectral combination.

Other features:

The sunbed also comes with all your other favourite features including:

  • Wireless charging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aqua Fresh
  • Air conditioning
  • Voice Guide
In conclusion

MegaSun K7 series creates a new level of tanning experience. We believe it is a great resolution at a reasonable price. This sunbed is now available to view in our showroom. You can book your visit today. Simply call our main office on 01865 718485. Alternatively, you can email us on We are always happy to help and answer any of your questions.

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