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Are you looking for a perfect commercial stand up sunbed? You are definitely in the right place. In this blog we will take you through our best selling stand up sunbed Opal fitness by Tanzi.

The best part of Opal fitness is that you can customize this sunbed to your own needs. That is right! You can build your bed by adding or taking away it’s features. The Opal Fitness is fitted with impressive stand-by lightning inside and outside the tanning cabin. You can choose between standard blue or white light or LED light show (this is the most common option our clients tend to go for). We will now take you through all the other amazing features this sunbed can include;

Aqua Fresh

Opal Fitness offer delicate and subtle mist spraying during the tanning session. This feature will offer an amazing experience to you and your clients and is a great refreshment, especially during summer seasons.


A relaxing smell during the tanning session will make your clients fall in love with their tanning experience. This feature works best combined with Aqua Fresh.

Vibra Floor

This is the most loved feature amongst out clients. It definitely adds prestige and professionalism to your business and is a great selling point. The vibra plate offers client’s that additional feature and benefits. The vibrating plate will help to stimulate your blood circulation. This will result in a quicker and deeper tan. The vibra plate also has positive impact on weight and fat loss, and muscle toning. This stand up sunbed with vibra floor, combined with a good diet and regular cardio, will get you on your way to body confidence on top of beautifully tanned skin. Are you ready to tone while you tan?

Sound System

Opal fitness stand up sunbed allows you to control the volume of the music using the inside panel with ease. It also includes an aux cable, so your clients can listen to their favorite music while they tan making the tanning experience even more enjoyable.

stand up sunbed
Stand up sunbed opal fitness

Stand up sunbed – Opal Fitness and ventilation

An amazing thing about this stand up sunbed is that is had it’s own cooling system, meaning no specific ventilation is required. This makes the set up process much easier and quicker compared to other stand up sunbeds. Opal fitness also has 2 modes of ventilation. Body ventilation and lamps ventilation. This means the sunbed is much cooler compared to other stand up sunbeds, meaning your clients can enjoy the session for longer.

What comes within the price of the sunbed?

In conclusion, like with any of our sunbeds, within the price you will get: delivery, installation, brand new set of lamps (this stand up sunbed is perfect with rainbow or hybrid lamps), IDE controller to operate your sunbed, cleaning solution and sunbed operation training.

We believe this is a great addition to any tanning salon.

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