rainbow lights

Rainbow Lights for Sunbeds

What are they?

Rainbow Lights are the latest technology in the tanning industry🌈🌈Not only are they visually pleasing, they also give you multiple health benefits. Give your clients something to talk about! These lamps consist of 4 different colours. 


Positive energy. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of blue light, it can help blemished skin and assists the regeneration process.


Well-being. Green light is proven to reduce stress and have a calming influence on our minds. Green light has also been shown to enhance learning and concentration, which is why it is often used in classrooms


Beauty. Red light reaches the deeper layers of our skin where the collagen and elastin fibres are found. It stimulates their growth, improves the skin’s moisture balance and inhibits the effect of free radicals in the skin.


Joy. The special UV-B light content increases the production of Vitamin D, essential to a healthy life. Vitamin D is responsible for regulating the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus, and promoting healthy immune system function. It also plays an important role in bone growth and improved resistance against certain diseases.

Pictured below: One of our Opal Fitness stand-up beds fitted with wonderful Rainbow Tubes 😊

Give us a ring on 01865 718 485 if you’re interested in having Rainbow Lights in your salon!
The feedback has been great for these lamps!

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