Collagen Light Therapy - Stay Young and Healthy.

Collagen Light Therapy – Stay Young and Healthy.

Stay young and healthy with a collagen light therapy.

What is collagen light therapy and how it helps us stay young and healthy?

Collagen is an essential of connective tissue, which is a flexible structure for the dermis. It is found not only in the skin, but also in bones, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.…

Importance of protecting your eyes while sunbathing

Importance of protecting your eyes while sunbathing

Outlining the importance of protecting your eyes while sunbathing.

When sunbathing in the professional tanning salon, it is necessary to protect your eyes. Protecting your eyes is one of the basic truths when it comes to safe tanning on a tanning equipment.…

Magical Sun- Be You

Magical Sun – Be You – Sun from flowers – new collection

We are excited to introduce you to the new collection by Magical Sun “Be You”- Sun from flowers

Magical Sun new line of cosmetics will be available soon in our store.

The Profil-Solar is a recognized brand that’s been specializing in indoor tanning products for many years.…

soleo basic poster

Special promotion Bestsunbeds

Special December promotion with Bestsunbeds LTD.

Exclusive discount of 10%

Enjoy the special December promotion now from wide range of tanning cosmetics with Bestsunbeds Ltd.

Special December promotion for your tanning salons.

We are offering our customers an exclusive discount of 10% off, from our wide range of tanning cosmetics.…

Megasun P9

Megasun P9

The world’s first sunbed with “Porsche DNA” – The megaSun P9

megaSun P9 Features:

  • Matrix Lightshow – A series of beautiful LED lights creating a stunning display
  • Wireless phone charging – Who needs wires anyway?
  • Intelligent control system – Tailor your tanning experience
  • Easy Control – No confusion, no fuss – just tan
  • Glass facial system – Optimised facial tanning system
  • Beauty booster – Collagen light
  • X-tra tan – Improved tanning reach for the shoulder area thanks to modern high pressure systems with glass filters and reflectors
  • 4 loadouts to choose from: hybridSun, smartSun, beautySun, and extraSun (All designed to deliver a different tanning experience)
  • Air conditioning – Supreme comfort
  • Aqua cool – Feeling warm?
rainbow lights

Rainbow Lights for Sunbeds

What are they?

Rainbow Lights are the latest technology in the tanning industry🌈🌈Not only are they visually pleasing, they also give you multiple health benefits. Give your clients something to talk about! These lamps consist of 4 different colours. 


Positive energy.…

soleo logo

Soleo Cosmetics

Introducing Soleo’s main line of tanning cosmetics.

With Soleo, you have a really great selection to choose from. Enjoy an extensive range of accelerators, bronzers, strong bronzers, tingle creams and moisturisers.

Take a look below at the full range, and follow the links provided with the orange buttons.…

sun angel s.46

Ergoline Sun Angel S.46

All about the wonderful Sun Angel S.46 from Ergoline.

The Sun Angel S.46 is a unique bed, as the tanning courses are all 20 minutes long. If you’ve ever wished you could relax for longer whilst tanning, this is how to do it!…

Indoor Tanning Lotions - What you need to know!

Indoor VS outdoor tanning

UVA and UVB rays are both found in the sun’s rays and in the use of a solarium. These rays cause a number of natural processes that take place in our skin during tanning/sunbathing. However, tanning should be respected. When we are exposed to ultraviolet rays, we face 4 different independent reactions:

The thickening of the epidermis, hyperpigmentation, melanogenesis and synthesis of vitamin D (If exposed to UVB)

What’s better?

supertan sensation

Supertan – Sensation Cosmetics

Get a sensational tan with the fun and extensive range of Supertan cosmetics. This particular range, the “Sensation” line offers high quality bronzers, accelerators, tingle creams and an after tan moisturiser.

All the products look professional and fun in their playful packaging.…