Ergoline Prestige 1600

This splendid sunbed operates on Hybrid Performance – LED + UV. The Ergoline Prestige 1600 offers unique hybrid performance of tanning and beauty in one step. The addition of 14 LEDs, combined with SmartSun technology offer optimum tanning results and skincare. 

Beauty Light – LED:

The red light LEDs ensure the optimum distribution of light spectrum. The red light therapy ensures that your skin is smooth, moisturised and glowing from within.

Ultra Performance Plus:

The ergoline prestige 1600

The facial and shoulder tanners are in line with 0.3 EU compliance. The unique coating on the tubes and facial discs ensure the optimum performance in the facial area.

Shoulder Tan:

The Ergoline Prestige 1600 has been fitted with additional, high-pressure shoulder tanners. Supplying a perfect tan to the shoulder and neck area.

LED Light Show:

The superb LED light show will transform any salon. You can customize the light with over 200 colour combinations with impressive brightness. Your colour choices can be as personal as your tan. 

LED Interior Light:

Enjoy the newly designed brightly lit interior, which looks streamlined and inviting to your customers. 

Personal SunStyle:

You can now truly customize your tan from Light to Intense.

Control Centre:

All of the settings can be adjusted using the control centre before enjoying your customised tanning session.

NFC Connect:

You can now reward your best customers. By giving them a personal NFC card their preferences are stored on the card, and on their next visit the sunbed is set immediately to the customer’s personal preferences. You can also transfer these preferences over to other beds with NFC connect.

Smart Control:

The easy-care control panel with large and bright display makes it easy and quick to navigate the sunbed. 

Set-up Manager:

The Set-Up Manager makes it easy to control the device. You can even use the NFC Connect function to transfer the preferred settings to other sunbeds. 

Voice Guide:

The friendly Voice Guide function talks each customer through their tanning session. This function can be turned off with a touch off a button. 

Service Light:

The specially designed Service Light makes it easy to navigate through the sunbed. It makes the cleaning and maintenance a breeze, even for the salon staff.

Bluetooth Connect:

Your customers can now transfer their favourite music from their own smartphone to further personalize their tanning session. It is easy to control the Bluetooth connect function from inside of the cabin. 

Aqua Fresh:

The gentle mist will cool and soothe you during your tanning session further enhancing your experience.

One of our 1600’s in the showroom
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Bed Specifications
Lamps38 x 200 Watts MAX UV14 x 200 Watts MAX smartsun PLUS
Facial Lamps4 x 520 Watts MAX + 3 x 8W smartsun
Shoulder Lamps2 x 240 Watts
Maximum Exposure Time30 minutes
Power Consumption18,700 Watts
Electrical Required230 Volts – 3 Phase or 230 Volts – 1 Phase
Circuit Breaker70 Amp – 3 Phase or 110 Amp 1 Phase
Weight1,550 lbs
Dimensions closed94″L x 64″W x 64″H
Dimensions open94″L x 64″W x 79″H
Recommended Room Size10 ft. x 9 ft.

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2 thoughts on “Ergoline Prestige 1600

  • 3rd December 2020 at 6:21 pm

    I love this bed! I just wondered what the playlist of songs were that are already programmed. Is it possible to find this out? Thank you so much!!

    • 8th December 2020 at 7:36 pm

      Hi Judy, thank you for your comment!
      To find this out, please feel free to email us on
      We will be happy to help!

      Best Wishes


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