Ergoline Avantgarde 600

Ergoline Avantgarde 600 – The perfect commercial sunbed for those who love beauty and functionality

Ergoline Avantgarde is fitted with the unique Body Wave acrylic which ensures tanning in the most comfortable and relaxing position during your tanning session. The profiled acrylic lifts the upper body, and knee support allows for even distribution of weight.


Ergoline Avantgarde is not only visually stunning and comfortable.

The bed boasts 47 160W sunbed tubes, three 520W VIT facial tanners (very intensive tanning) and additional facial and neck tanners which help to develop a beautifully bronzed tan. The unique feature of the Avantgarde is inside-the-cabin regulated facial tanners. The facial tanners come in 1-4 power scale and they also can be turned off completely. 

ergoline avantgarde tunnel view

Furthermore, at Best Sunbeds as a top uk sunbed supplier, we have customised and upgraded the bed further. The addition of four-season LED ambient light, gives the bed a polished look that is purse friendly. LED lights are a great alternative to standard background lights as they use very little electricity, without having to compromise on the impact. To ensure that the bed looks more modern and current, we have also fully re-painted the sunbed in a clean white colour which streamlines the shape further. 

The Avantgarde is fitted with an intelligent ventilation system. There are separate ventilation outputs fitted inside the bed:

  • –        ventilation panel running along the canopy of the bed
  • –        two ventilation panels running along the shoulder tanners
  • –        two leg ventilation panels
  • –        additional and adjustable facial air-conditioning

This stunning bed also comes with voice guide which informs the customer of all of the functions of the Avantgarde. The sunbed is also fitted with a CD Sound Box which ensures a relaxed and comforting experience for every tanner. 

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