Tanzi Opal Fitness – Definitive Guide

Showcasing our most popular stand-up unit, the best selling model in Tanzi history.
The Tanzi Opal Fitness

Comfort and efficiency

The ergonomic shape of the interior and the quality of the lamps are designed to provide the best tanning results with the most efficient running costs. With the electronic control panel you can conveniently control the cooling, music volume, and aqua spray system for a tailored tanning experience.

opal fitness control panel


The Opal Fitness is expertly equipped with fans in the canopy and air outlets at various levels to deliver optimal cooling to the whole body. There are two separate cooling systems in the unit: One for the lamps, and the other for the person tanning. This ensures a comfortable and pleasurable experience. As an added option we provide a hot air removal system.

opal fitness cooling fans

Aqua Spray System

A really refreshing experience, this system provides the user with a gentle, pleasant water mist during tanning.

opal fitness spray mist

Vibrating floor platform

With three levels of intensity, the vibrating floor aids in strengthening muscles and bones, helps to reduce cellulite, relaxes the user and firms skin.

opal fitness vibra plate
opal fitness vibra floor control panel

Easy Cleaning

To clean the unit you can easily open the lamp covers and remove the floor for fast and efficient sanitisation. The water container for the aqua spray system is easy to check and refill from inside the machine.

Special Design

The Opal Fitness will look perfect in any surrounding, with a wide range of colours and designs available. As a standard we offer several colours of backlit external panels and a decorative light inside the unit.
Further personalisation is available.

Standard Equipment:

  • 2 metre lamps – 49 (Magnetic Ballasts) – 46 (electronic ballasts)
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Easy-open lamp covers
  • External backlight
  • Internal decorative light

Optional Equipment:

  • Hot air removal system
  • MP3 Player input
  • Door photo design
  • Aqua Spray System
  • Mirror floor
  • Vibrating floor
  • Digital Solarium Controller (UV Radiation Control)

See the sunbed in use

opal fitness portrait shot of body tubes

Setup Manual

Setting the clock:
ATTENTION: While setting the clock the cabin has to be in a state of vigil.

  • Press simultaneously the buttons “- Cooling ” and “+ Cooling ” to enter the setting mode of the clock. The figures of hours on display will begin to pulse, you can now change the displayed hour.
  • Set hour with buttons “+ Cooling” or “- Cooling”.
  • After setting proper hour, use the “START/STOP” button to set minutes, similar to setting hours.
  • After setting the clock press the button ” START/STOP” to get to the state of vigil.
L0.1 ÷ 9.5 [h]
Time of cooling after tanning session.
Numbers after point means tens of minutes
i.e. “3.4” means 3hrs 40 Minutes
B20 ÷ 99 [sec]Time of breeze cycle

Factory settings:
1: [L – 3 hours]
2: [b – 50 Sec]

Button Functions

  • „START/STOP” enables you to choose modes, the recording of settings to memory, exit from SETUP mode and deleting ERROR mode.
  • „+ COOLING” increases settings
  • „-COOLING” decreases settings

Error Codes

  • E-01 – lack of sensor of temperature or it is damaged (JP5, JP6)
  • E-03 – there is no signal from an air flow sensor.
  • E -04 – the air flow sensor is shorted before turning on the cabin or the signal disappeared for a time longer than set during machine work
  • E -05 – temperature of the second sensor was exceeded during work (will switch off lamps), the BUZZER is beeping.

After displaying a mistake and appearing E -0x at display, pressing button “START/STOP” will delete the ERROR and come back to work depending on the settings chosen.

User’s Manual

Opal Fitness cabin is a device for exposing ultraviolet light (UV) devoted to use in professional tanning studios under control of properly trained personnel. Ultraviolet light is emitted by 49 lamps. Time of exposure is regulated with a remote control.

Read This First

  • If the unit does not work or does not function properly, please contact your dealer immediately .
  • In case of any service work or cleaning you should turn off the main switch.
  • Any service which is not described in following manual should be done by a professional electrician.
  • Do not turn the unit on in a humid space.
  • Ensure that the unit has proper ventilation. The temperature in the room should be never higher than 25oC.


The cooling system is composed of two parts: the first cools the lamps, the second is inside of the cabin.

Cooling of the inside, and the person tanning, is done with several holes inside the machine and an exhaust fan at the ceiling. It can be regulated with a button placed at the control panel (+ and -).

After turning off the lamps, fans are working for several minutes to cool the inside of the machine and lamps.

The machine has air inputs at the bottom of the sides. Keep this place clean to avoid getting any dirt and rubbish into the cooling system. Before turning on the machine ensure that the inputs are not covered.

The room

During a session the tanning unit makes a lot of heat, so the room where it works should be cooled properly, especially during intensive work. You should also allow for fresh air to come into the room.

The temperature in the room shouldn’t be higher than 25oC.

Near the cabin in a visible place, there should be a tablet placed with a sentence:

“WARNING! UV radiation can cause damage to eyes and skin. Contact personnel to learn more about this. Always wear protective goggles. Some forms of medication or cosmetics may increase susceptibility. If you have long hair, pin tie it to avoid potential contact with a fan.”


The installation and first use of the cabin can be done only by authorised service.

Parameters of electric terminal:

  • supply conduit: 5 x 2,5 mm2;
  • fuse: 3 x 20 A;
  • 3-option switch with contacts interval not less than 3 mm, installed in
    a place easily accessible enabling staff to quickly turn off the unit in case of damage or accident;

    If a supply conduit is damaged, it should be replaced by an identical or special –  UV resistant one. Buy at the manufacturer or technical remedial works.

Basic information about tanning safely:

  • The tanning unit shouldn’t be used by people sensitive to sunburns, people who are sunburned, children or people with current or previous skin cancer or those susceptible to skin diseases;
  • During a tanning session you should keep a proper distance from lamps, standing in the centre of cabin;
  • You should obey the tanning times schedule enclosed in this manual;
  • Maximum tanning sessions a year: 50
  • The device cannot be used in the case of damage of the remote control
  • UV lamps may be replaced only by identical UV lamps; replacement of lamps should be done only by an authorised service.

–> Click here to read an article all about tanning safely

More information:

  • Ultraviolet light emitted by sun or UV devices may cause damage to eyes and skin. These biological effects depend on quantity and quality of exposure as well as the individual sensitivity of eyes and skin.
  • Excessive exposure can result in sunburn. Tanning too often may lead to fast skin ageing and increase a risk of skin cancer.
  • Lack of eyes protection may cause ophthalmia and in some cases, for example after cataract operation, a retina can be damaged.
  • Special caution is needed when your skin is sensitive to sun light and when you use certain medication and cosmetics.

For these reasons you should always obey the following rules:

  • Always use protective goggles;
  • Before tanning session remove cosmetics from your skin;
  • do not tan if you take medication increasing sensitivity for ultraviolet light; if you have any doubts, contact your doctor;
  • take at least 48-hour’s break between first and second tanning;
  • do not tan more than once a day including tanning in the natural sunlight;
  • obey the rules of tanning time, breaks in tanning and proper distance to lamps;
  • contact your doctor if you see any abnormal skin reaction.

User’s instructions

Every day before the first use of the cabin you should check its inside, especially lamps covers. In the case of any damages you should contact the authorised service.

You must not use the device:

  • without UV protective goggles;
  • without lamps covers;
  • if the fan does not work properly;
  • when the timer is damaged;
  • when there is no timer;
  • if temperature in a room is higher than 25oC.

If the working order is good, you can turn on the main switch on the current supply. Then digital display at the control panel inside the machine should illuminate


  • Using the remote control, set the time of the session (see remote control manual).
  • Get ready to tan. If you have long hair, pin them up to avoid their contact with a fan. Put on protective goggles and come into the cabin.
  • To begin session press the button START (1) placed at the control panel.
  • During tanning you may make delicate moves to tan evenly. You can tan inside parts of arms and sides keeping hands at the handles. You should stand in the centre of cabin and don’t be too close to the lamps.
  • Adjust the music volume (2).
  • Adjust the intensity of cooling (3).
  • During a tanning session you can check the time at the display (4)
  • In case of any danger or bad comfort stop session, pressing STOP (1) button or leave the machine.
  • After the time chosen before, lamps will turn off automatically but fan will work for several minutes to cool the cabin.
opal fitness button guide

Model with Breeze

You will find additional buttons for Breeze at control panel. Pressing + during session will activate Breeze option. Water mist will spray every 30 seconds to cool the body of tanning person and increase intensity of tanning. Before every spray, you will hear an acoustic signal. You can turn Breeze off by pressing -.

Every day you should check the aggregate and supply it with distilled water.  


For cleaning the inside, you should use cleaning products specifically designed for tanning machines. From time to time you should open lamps covers (after turning off the device with a main switch) and clean both sides of them with a proper product without alcohol. To open the lamps covers, take off the floor step. Then pry open the frame of a cover using a flat object (i.e. screwdriver) and open it like a normal door.  

Avoid water interacting with electrical parts of the machine.

Changing lamps

To ensure maximum tanning efficiency, change lamps according to lamps model life (every 500, 800 or 1000 hours). To change lamps, open lamps covers and remove the lamps by turning it a quarter of turn left. Remove starters in the same way. Then insert starters and lamps turning them right. It is recommended to change starters at least every two changes of lamps.

When leaving the device uncontrolled, after a day of work and in case of any service work you should turn it off with a main switch.

Technical data of OPAL FITNESS

-outside dimensions
-basis width
-basis depth
– height
1220 mm
1165 mm
2290 mm
– inside dimensions 800 x 610 x 2100 mm
– feeding 3N + PE  400V ~
– power 10 kW
– fuse 3 x 20 A
– working cycle S3   12 / 3 min.
– UV device type 3
– safety class                     I
– protection level IP X0
– max. exposure time 12 min.
  •  Recommended times of exposure

Skin type
4-6th session 7-10th session 11-15th  sessionConsolidation
Very light  
  2   3   4   5   7  
Fair bronze  
  3   4   5   7   9
  3   5   7   9   12    

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