Ergoline Sun Angel S.46

All about the wonderful Sun Angel S.46 from Ergoline.

The Sun Angel S.46 is a unique bed, as the tanning courses are all 20 minutes long. If you’ve ever wished you could relax for longer whilst tanning, this is how to do it! What makes this bed special is the fact it has a built in “Skin sensor” which detects your skin type and sets the tan accordingly. This drastically increases safety by eliminating the chance of over-exposure. The bed intelligently blends UV-A and UV-B to match each skin type and ensure the correct glow for the client’s skin.
Unlike the larger “Sun angel S.52” the S.46 is slightly more compact. For salons needing a smaller sized bed, this is a great option.

Sun Angel S.46
Meet the Sun Angel


  • 20 Minute maximum exposure time.
  • Aqua mist and aroma
  • Personalised music – MP3 dock and SD card slot. Plays through a 3D sound system with subwoofer
  • Pure UV-A + UV-B lamps arranged in optimal positions to ensure the best tan possible.
  • Skin type sensor – Ensures safe tanning by eliminating burn risk.
  • 3 high performance facial tanners and 2 UV-B lamps deliver immaculate tanning results to the face and neck areas.
  • 7 low pressure 25W lamps in the shoulder area with a built in reflector to distribute your tan evenly and effectively.
  • 180 Watt variable power UV lamps – Varies depending on detected skin type.
  • Mood lights – Interior and base panel
  • High quality paint finish
  • 46x Body tanning lamps

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