Why should you switch to 0.3 compliant tubes?


In 2009, European Union introduced a new sunbed regulation, in a bid to make tanning safer.

The legislation is commonly referred to as 0.3W/m2, but what does it actually mean? The 0.3W/m2 compliance states that UV radiation in a commercial sunbed cannot exceed 0.3W/m2. A sunbed above this level is now deemed as ‘unfit’ and ‘unsafe’ for use. This is because higher UV radiation equates with the higher chance of harmful skin burns. In other words, the 0.3 legislation minimises the risks by reducing the maximum UV rays and it creates a benchmark for the industry to adhere to.

Why should you switch to 0.3 compliant tubes?
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There are many benefits of the new regulation. A 0.3 compliant tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as Mediterranean mid­day sun ensuring that the tanning is gentler, safer and the tan lasts longer.

Under the 0.3 compliance tubes, you as the owner can now sell longer tanning session in your salon, which will be a delight to many of your customers. Additionally, 0.3 tanning sessions can also have additional benefits to your customers as they will be more cost effective and they will deliver a deeper and longer lasting tan.

Above all, you will also ensure that your salon is within the legal guidelines and on the front of modern tanning industry.


2 thoughts on “Why should you switch to 0.3 compliant tubes?

  • 5th August 2023 at 10:16 pm

    If im using a 0.3 complaint range sunbed , I feel ill be spending maximum money on a course for a basic tan , as I’ve always used sunbeds with higher range bulbs and want to keep a deeper colour . I’ve recently moved to another area and my local sunbed has 0.3 complaint range bulbs and I feel that I’m not exceeding my original tan . I’m basically spending more money 😏 so therfore I’ll be looking else where for pink bulbs 😏

    • 28th November 2023 at 8:40 pm

      Hi Clate, using compliant 0.3 lamps are safer and gentler for your skin. The results may appear slightly slower, however we can assure you that once you get to your desired color, it will be more natural and will last much much longer! 🙂


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