Soleo Basic

Showcasing the “Basic” collection from Soleo – A no-nonsense line of functional, quality tanning cosmetics.

Are you looking for an affordable collection of bronzers, accelerators, tingle creams and moisturisers? Look no further than the “Basic” line from Soleo.

The “Basic” line brings you 10 wonderful products:

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soleo basic bubble gum

Bubble Gum (Bronzer)

Sweet-smelling bronzing tanning accelerator. Rich in ingredients which ensure safe tanning and perfect nourishment for your skin – copper, aloe vera and vitamin B. Deeply moisturises and smooths the skin, giving it a subtly brown, appetizing shade.
Fragrance: Macadamia Cream

soleo basic hello sun

Hello Sun (Ultra Accelerator)

Ultra tanning accelerator in a solarium with regenerating cocoa butter. Enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and collagen, it provides perfect moisturizing and a healthy skin effect.
Fragrance: Morning Refreshment

soleo basic jungle fruit

Jungle Fruit (12x Bronzer)

Natural 12x bronzer, with copper peptides, plant extracts and vitamins. Ensures exceptionally dark, tropical tan shade. Moisturizes and cares for the skin. The overwhelming aroma of tropical fruit will transport your mind to paradise beaches.
Fragrance: Tropical Fruits

soleo basic lime mousse

Lime Mousse (Ultra Intensifier)

Deeply caring tanning intensifier with aloe vera and shea butter. New better formula enriched with regenerating cocoa butter and safflower oil, developed for the perfect and long-lasting bronze glow. With new, extra juicy lime and grape scent.
Fragrance: Lime & grapes

Soleo Basic

Lolli Pop (Accelerator)

Intensely moisturizing tanning accelerator, with hemp oil and Tahitian Monoi oil. Leaves the skin moisturised and supple, and the cocoa butter regenerates and smooths the skin. Ensures a sensual tanned shade and the appetizing fragrance stimulates senses during tanning.
Fragrance: Pudding

Soleo Basic

Orange Cake (Accelerator)

Intense tanning accelerator with hemp extract. Seduces with the fresh, lightly sweet fragrance of ripe oranges. Packed with aloe vera extract and safflower oil, ensures not only a beautiful shade of brown for your skin, but also its deep moisturisation.
Fragrance: Orange Cake

Soleo Basic

Sandy Candy (Intensifier)

Smoothing tanning accelerator with the wonderful, fresh fragrance of morning lagoon.
Supports the natural tanning development process. Enriched with collagen and Shea
butter it intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it supple. Aloe vera and
chamomile have exceptionally soothing and caressing influence.
Fragrance: Morning Lagoon

Soleo Basic

Summer Night (Power Bronzer)

A strong tanning bronzer in a solarium with cannabis oil. Provides an immediate tan effect,
nourishes the skin well. Rich in aloe extract provides intense hydration.
Fragrance: Maritime Freshness

Soleo Basic

Sunset Time (Dark Bronzer)

Dark tanning bronzer in a solarium with a rejuvenating algae complex. It accelerates tanning and gives an attractive shade of chocolate tan immediately after tanning. It ensures the smoothness of the skin and a beautiful appearance.
Fragrance: Vanilla Cookie

Soleo Basic

Tingle Bell (Tingle Bronzer)

Bronzing preparation accelerating the tanning process with a tingle effect. Due to the addition of aloe the bronzer efficiently moisturizes the skin, whereas caffeine, along with plant extracts, regenerates the epidermis and improves its elasticity. The tingle effect – tingling and warming up the skin – makes it possible to break the tanning barrier and obtain a truly strong, chocolate
shade of your skin.
Fragrance: Lavender & Amber

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