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Special December promotion with Bestsunbeds LTD.

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Enjoy the special December promotion now from wide range of tanning cosmetics with Bestsunbeds Ltd.

Special December promotion for your tanning salons.

We are offering our customers an exclusive discount of 10% off, from our wide range of tanning cosmetics. This special deal is available until the 31st of December. Don’t miss out on this exclusive discount. Therefore shop now with Bestsunbeds ltd.

Are you looking for affordable yet best quality indoor tanning cosmetics?

By choosing our tanning products, we guarantee your customers will leave your salon satisfied, feeling glamorous due to the quality of our lotion products.

Tanning cosmetics are an essential ingredient for optimal and safe tanning. Our tanning cosmetics are available in tubes as also sachets. After-tanning products are also available. It’s perfect time to supply your tanning salon with high quality prodcuts, and treat your customers to unique, fair and glamorous tanning products!

Explore our wide range of tanning cosmetics by visiting our website. https://bestsunbeds.co.uk/15-cosmetics

Our tanning cosmetics collection include products such as accelerators, bronzers and tingle lotions from well known brands such as “SuperTan”, “Soleo”, “eXtreme Tan” and “MagicalSun” https://blog.bestsunbeds.co.uk/soleo-cosmetics/

Enjoy the Special December promotion with your 10% off when making purchase at checkout.

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