7000 alpha series from megaSun

7000 alpha series from megaSun

7000 alpha series from megaSun. Released at FIBO 2018 , these are sunbeds worth having in your salon. Having four categories to choose from, you can select the perfect package for your customers: hybridSun, beautySun, smartSun and extraSun.

The 7000 alpha series from megaSun offers an extremely impressive package selection.…


The Tanning Process – How our skin tans

So we know that using sunbeds with quality cosmetics gives you a beautiful bronzed glow, but what is the science behind it? Here we will delve deep into the skin, and explain the tanning process!

UV light spectrum

  • UVA – This penetrates deeper into the skin and is the component of the ultra violet spectra most responsible for the natural tanning process.
Fake tan

Sunbeds VS Fake Tans

We frequently see people favouring one or the other. The vast majority of our clients prefer sunbeds of course. Why do people choose one over the other? Find out more about sunbeds vs fake tans here.

Tanning beds (Commercial Sunbeds)

Seeing as you’ve found your way to Best Sunbeds, we’re sure you know a thing or two when it comes to tanning.…

Ergoline Prestige 1600

Ergoline Prestige 1600

This splendid sunbed operates on Hybrid Performance – LED + UV. The Ergoline Prestige 1600 offers unique hybrid performance of tanning and beauty in one step. The addition of 14 LEDs, combined with SmartSun technology offer optimum tanning results and skincare. …

melanoma risk

Sun exposure may prevent melanoma risk

Sun exposure may prevent melanoma risk

Risk of melanoma between high and low vitamin D levels

According to a recent study published by the European Journal of Cancer, melanoma risk is directly associated with a lack of vitamin D.
The investigators measured the blood vitamin D levels of 137 participants who had been diagnosed with melanoma.…


Ergoline prestige 1400 Intelligent Performance

A popular and luxurious lie down sunbed – The Prestige 1400 from Ergoline.

The Ergoline prestige 1400 is not new to the market, but this doesn’t stop it from being an extremely popular choice for salons.
With its modern curves and lines, it never looks out of place in a professional tanning environment.…

Fanatic 0.3 compliant range

Fanatic 0.3 compliant range

Are you looking for the best 0.3 compliant tubes on the market? You’ve found them.

0.3 compliant EuroTan tubes from Fanatic

At Best Sunbeds we offer a wide range of tanning tubes, most importantly the 0.3 compliant tubes. It’s important for salons to know about these, as they ensure maximum safety and a beautiful tan.…

Tanzi Opal Fitness - Definitive Guide

Tanzi Opal Fitness – Definitive Guide

Showcasing our most popular stand-up unit, the best selling model in Tanzi history.
The Tanzi Opal Fitness

Comfort and efficiency

The ergonomic shape of the interior and the quality of the lamps are designed to provide the best tanning results with the most efficient running costs.…

Magical Sun Cosmetics

Magical Sun Ingredients

Magical Sun Ingredients
Take a look at a list of high quality and essential ingredients used in all respected tanning cosmetics.
These products feature the same great composition used by much more expensive brands, for half the price. As a result, clients always come back to experience the same quality products and distribute them to their salon.…

Vertical VS Horizontal sunbeds

Vertical VS Horizontal sunbeds

Vertical, horizontal, or even both? What are the key differences?

vertical vs horizontal

An example of a vertical unit
(Luxura v8)

A popular question we are asked is whether you should go for a stand up , lay down or both. Like most things, this depends largely on your situation.…